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  1. Hey guys. I was just thinking about applying for the Capital One Savor card mainly for its $500 SUB (spend $3K in 3 months). The only downside is the $99 AF (waived the first year). I notice they also have their "legacy" SavorOne card, which only has a $150 SUB (spend $500 in 3 months) but no annual fee, and only 3% cashback instead of 4% on dining. It also comes with a 15-month 0% APR for all purchases/BTs which the Savor doesn't. Does anyone know how likely CapOne might be to allow a product change from the Savor, downgraded to the SavorOne say 11
  2. Yes, revolving accounts were what I primarily had in mind. Ideally, I would think one would want to retain their high credit limits so as to keep utilization low even if all that available credit was never taken advantage of, but I was just curious what possible legal ramifications there might be if one did, say, ever max out all their revolving credit lines and end up defaulting some time down the road? Could it ever be held against you in a court of law for not being forthright about your diminished income? For not volunteering it on existing accounts, even when they
  3. Here's a quick question for you all: Let's say, hypothetically, you had a decent job raking in around $90K/year, but due to unfortunate life circumstances you had to sustain a considerable loss of income as you moved to a new locale. How obligated are you to report that diminished income with your creditors, by updating that info through your online accounts? I understand it would be unethical to claim you were still making that old income should you ever want to request a CLI or something, but is it really necessary to tip them off that you are suddenly ear
  4. Hello CB. (And an obligatory: "long-time listener, first time caller.") Long story short: about a year ago I developed some severe arthritis in my knees which caused me to have to withdraw from work, which only involved light-labor at the time. I have an SSDI application pending, but we all know how difficult it is to get approved these days, even for more pressing ailments. So I'm not holding my breath. I've applied for several work-at-home jobs in the meantime, but so far no bites. On the medical side, my primary care physician recommends knee-replacement surgery, but that isn't going t
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