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  1. Congratulations, OP. Thanks for posting your story because it's motivating and gives good morale for newbies like me.
  2. btfo

    Been gardening a year, deciding on next step

    Great outcome, OP. As I garden my secured cards, I find threads like this to be quite inspirational. Question: did your cap1 card grad to QS or QS1?
  3. btfo

    Letter from Amex but no offer

    Be advised that our debt will forever stay on AMEX's internal system until it's paid. I just found out I've been on their blacklist for 23 years. I called AMEX and they told me I owe $2,460 from an Optima card charged off in 1995. The representative made me a verbal offer to settle for $1,720 (which is 70% of the balance), but wouldn't offer any sort of installment payment plan or any other AMEX product.
  4. btfo

    Welcome New Members!

    Really glad I found this community. It's exciting to read members' stories and informative accounts. I've learned so much just by browsing the archives. Feels good to have made an account and started posting instead of lurking.
  5. So glad that I found CB through a websearch. I've been lurking for awhile and this place is amazing

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