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  1. In 2018, I opened four secured cards: Citibank Diamond Capital One Platinum Discover IT US Bank Harley Davidson At the time, I foolishly chose the smallest security deposits possible. For example, my Citi card only has a $200 limit. So, I have some money from a tax refund coming my way and I thought let's use it to bump up the security deposits in order to increase credit limit. Called customer service for all four credit cards and only US Bank would take my money. The others all told me it's not possible. Has anybody had success increasing their security deposits? My experience could have been a miscommunication with cardholder services due to language barrier because Citi, Discover, and Capital One have off-shored their call centers to India or southeast Asia. US Bank was the only call center situated in the USA.
  2. I paid down 2 student loans to almost nothing and left just a small balance on each. Lowered credit card utilization from high to nothing.
  3. Today, I logged on to my Discover account and my credit limit has jumped from $300 to $2,000. I'm super-psyched and so thankful for the advice and guidance I've found in the newbies section of creditboards, as well as all of the contributors on the forums. In March 2018, I put $300 toward a secured Discover card. I've used it a lot but always PIF before it reports. Earlier this month, I called to request graduation. The phone rep told me that beginning in the 7th month, all secured accounts are reviewed by their computer system for graduation. Then they are reevaluated each month and I would just have to wait. I was bummed out, to be honest. Felt like I was spinning my tires. So imagine my surprise to see such a bump in the credit limit today. And I haven't yet received any communications from them in the mail or email. Thanks again to all of the contributors here.
  4. Hi everyone, I am so glad I found creditboards last year. Everybody is so helpful and this is a fantastic community. I would like to share a brief version of my story. I'm also seeking suggestions and guidance for how to proceed on my journey. So let's begin. When the housing market collapsed in 2008, I lost just about everything. I knew my credit was really bad because I had taken such a beating, so for years I never bothered to check it. I just became one of these people who pay cash for everything. Ten years went by until I came across creditboards. To be honest, I was frightened to even look at my credit. March of 2018, I followed the guides in the newbie section and discovered my scores were in the 550s. Two delinquent student loans with the US Dept. of Education were my only accounts. Using the SEARCH function on here, I read everything I could about these type of student loans. Turns out that there's a loan rehabilitation program. I was able to work out a payment plan with a written guarantee to remove the delinquent reporting from all credit bureaus after 9 payments. Following the newbie guides, I obtained the following secured cards: - Disco - Cap One Plat - US Bank Harley Davidson - Citibank I use a spreadsheet to track due dates and make sure I pay off the cards in full each month. This week, Experian suggested applying for Cap One Quicksilver. I was super psyched to get approved for $300. Despite the tiny limit on the card, it felt good. First unsecured card in a long time. Also joined NFCU. Haven't applied for anything there yet. An old Brighthouse Charter cable tv bill for $550 showed up on my experian out of the blue. It was from Waypoint Resource Group. Paid Brighthouse and it should come off next month. Student loans are still showing delinquent. Should come off this month. Looking forward to my goal of being a homeowner once I can qualify in the future. Tremendously grateful for all the help on this site. Welcome all suggestions
  5. Congratulations, OP. Thanks for posting your story because it's motivating and gives good morale for newbies like me.
  6. Great outcome, OP. As I garden my secured cards, I find threads like this to be quite inspirational. Question: did your cap1 card grad to QS or QS1?
  7. Be advised that our debt will forever stay on AMEX's internal system until it's paid. I just found out I've been on their blacklist for 23 years. I called AMEX and they told me I owe $2,460 from an Optima card charged off in 1995. The representative made me a verbal offer to settle for $1,720 (which is 70% of the balance), but wouldn't offer any sort of installment payment plan or any other AMEX product.
  8. Really glad I found this community. It's exciting to read members' stories and informative accounts. I've learned so much just by browsing the archives. Feels good to have made an account and started posting instead of lurking.
  9. So glad that I found CB through a websearch. I've been lurking for awhile and this place is amazing

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