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  1. I have had it for about 3 months - I got it free for a year from Lexis-Nexus b/c of a security breach. I can pull daily EQ reports and there is an option to get a 3-in-1 report but this is one time only. You have to set your alert preferences and I have been notified about inquiries, new accounts, and balance changes (increases and decreases). In my experience, the alerts haven't been too great. I had BoAPS for the one month trial and I usually got EQ alerts 4-5 days after info changed on BoAPS. I have gotten alerts about changes to EQ, EX, and TU - they are just fairly slow. The only reason I'm using it is b/c it is free.
  2. I disputed an address as not mine with EQ. It really is not mine but I do know whose it is and how it got there. EQ wrote back and said they deleted but it is still on the report (12/00 was the reporting date and that hasn't changed). I called CS and asked why it was still on the report but all they did was open another investigation - the guy didn't speak English very well and he probably didn't understand what I was asking. The results of that came back with the notation that the address had been deleted but it is still there on the report. I photocopied the investigation report page, highlighted the phrase "the address has been deleted" and hand wrote that it was still on my report and asked that it actually be removed. I asked them to actually perform the action that they told me they did. Will my handwritten note get any attention or will I just get another form back telling me the address has been deleted when it really hasn't?
  3. Do you get mad when they just swipe your card and give it back to you without looking at the back? Aren't they supposed to compare the signature on the card to the signature on the credit slip? I've only seen two places actually do this on a consistant basis - the post office and Disneyland. If it is against Visa/MC policy to require additional ID when a signed card is presented, is it also against policy to not compare the signatures?
  4. Got the same offer from Chase. It's in the shredder already but the rewards structure IS different. You have to carry a balance to get the maximum rewards. There are also tiers for different spending levels. To get the max you have to revolve something like $5000. If you PIF you get less than 1%. Edited to add - And it's two cycle billing.
  5. This is because people don't know. People think that the clerk is supposed to check ID. I've seen many shows on Primetime and 20/20 etc, where they did their investigation and signed all different names like daffy duck etc and nothing was checked, I've seen where they used CC that did belong to them and nothing was checked and they blamed this whole thing on the cashier not checking ID. I do admit that it's not the cashier fault, because nuumber 1 they think they are supposed to check and ID and #2 they are told to check ID all in the name of preventing Identify theft. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I thought that merchants were supposed to check the signature on the cc strip against the signature on the cc receipt. That prevents fraud from someone signing another name.

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