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  1. I was at a festival recently (Welcome to Rockville 2017) and there were camera drones everywhere. The drones were banned from the event and people were flying them anyways.
  2. Waking up super early is a millionaire habit. I'm aiming to do that myself on a daily basis.
  3. Good day all, I'm decent at paying my bills and they are ahead of time for the most part, but it's the little (sometimes unnecessary) expenditures I'd like to see better kept track of. Is there a User Friendly app anyone uses for this purpose? Thanks a million in advance! -Spurs
  4. I'm beginning this process but these are hard inquiries it's looking like on my personal credit. I have a Florida corporation and want to expand -- before I run around having everyone pull my personal credit, is there a more efficient way of securing a business credit line? -Spurs
  5. Thank you guys for the tips. I need to get a dispute letter off to the medical collection because it looks like they revived it from 2012-2013 and I did have insurance at that time.
  6. Good day all, So I have the following tradelines: Automobile (0 x 30), My rent is paid on time every month, I have two credit cards both (0 x 30), and I have a very old collection that unfortunately recently popped up. My mid score last year was a 719, now it's about a 630. The oldest tradeline is from last year because I refinanced the car which I'm thinking now I should have just kept the tradeline open... What else can I do to spike up my credit score? I want to qualify for better cards, mortgages, loans, etc. Best, Spurs
  7. Good day all, This is my first post here. This is somewhat embarrassing but I pulled my credit report a couple weeks ago and noticed that there is a medical collection from over 5 years ago. I had insurance at that time and they must not have processed it correctly. I'm a bit perturbed and to deal with the county and collection company will cost me more in time than just paying it. The credit report says it's on there until this month but I wonder if they can just magically revive it again. The name of the company is Commonwealth Financial Systems. I had a 719 last year and now it's mid 600s and it's unsettling.. What can I do to a) be done with this quickly (it's $300+) and get my score back up quickly? I feel like a Realtor asking how to buy a house right now but it is what it is. Thank you for any insight and help. -Spurs

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