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  1. What CB does amazon and wex report to?
  2. Did u fill it out online? yes online. I have also added fuelman and BP solutions this past week.
  3. Every card that you guys say that dont need a PG is asking for aPG. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to call it in instead?
  4. I did get approved for the Amazon net 55. 3k limit with 74 paydex score and 4 tradelines...net 30s.. With that paydex score what credit card could I possibly get without a PG I have been in business 3 years
  5. I applied for Amazon net 55 and they said Ill get something in writing in 7 days with a code of NAC....Does that mean I didnt get approved possibly?
  6. simon823


    74 paydex score what can I apply for? 3 tradelines showing 3 yr old business

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