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  1. Yes im now contacting the ocs direct now ..but what part of the fair reporting act states if i contact the oc direct with a police report, they cannot report that info to cra?
  2. I did some research yes there are many properties there but he strictly said hes buying them and doing NOTHING to them. Buying them with equity only basically
  3. Pay no attention to this troll. Police reports have no place in disputes except in the case of ID theft/fraud. Your an salamander how is that trolling . police reports work on ANY disputes and have used them frequently.. Dumbass
  4. Virtual office. They called and said i have to give them a utility bill but i dont pay any for the virtual office any advice
  5. Business is still listed as a 1995corporation u are wrong about that. Info now currently has my name on it is only difference. Yes it still has a 80 paydex on dnb websote but when i apply for credit, creditors say nothing showing
  6. What exactly would they flag?
  7. But i applied for credit in my business name and only used my mew name for a signor so.. Im confused how my new name is even in chexsystems
  8. I just got a letter from chexsystems sayimg their records show that i had a name change?? How would they even know that is what im asking
  9. Dnb did NOT register me as a new business. In fact it shows business is still 20 years old. Still has a 80 paydex so how dis i get screwed
  10. anyone ever sued the burueas? i sent notarized certified police reports to experian and equifax and they are not following legal guidlines. they deleted and BLOCKED some fraud accounts and now they are reposting on my report. legally if blocked they cannot put back on report, only if removed not blocked. a consumer attorney is FREE so i may have to go to court since they r not cooperating. they have to honor a police report and they r not. any advice or experiences that can help i HATE COURT
  11. im building my business credit and opened a wf bus checking account. after opening i spent almost $250 in ordering checks and lined up my employees for payroll. got a email saying i need to send verification of address. sent it. got another email a week later saying account closed due to fraud!!! what to do here!!!! frustrated wtf is this?
  12. 1st get your chexsystems report....then write a notarized affidavit reporting the items and send to em.. f them
  13. *Admin removes vulgarity* cfpb they cant do chocolate except accept your complaint. just file a police report for whatever you're disputing and send to creditors
  14. i had changed my name legally, and using a new zip code and address established. i tried to open an account at key bank and they said i was in chexsystems??!!! WTF!!! very frustrated, any idea how or why or what or .... i had cleared my original name from chex and had a clean report so any clues????

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