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  1. That's what I thought, none of it will matter unless it comes before a court and it won't if I don't file for BK. All I have to do then is move to your state or another that harbors debtors. You guys are wasting your time with these petty put-downs, unless you are just amusing yourselves. I've read enough here to see how it works and realize what you are, don't worry, your self esteem will improve over time.
  2. I'm fairly certain none of you got here because you paid your bills. This is business, it was just business when they sued me and it's just business as I evade collections. From what I've read that is a big part of what is done here. I didn't blow out my credit cards and cry about it as though I'm a victim. I pay my bills. This judgment is under appeal and I won't submit until the last bell rings.
  3. No, I don't know the answer, and no, I have no intention of paying the judgment.
  4. I have a large judgment against me which was supposed to be a lien on my primary home. I recently found out that they never recorded it (it's been a year now). I immediately got a HELOC and pulled a bunch of equity out but there is still more that exceeds my homestead exemption. I don't want to file BK anyway. I'm thinking of selling my house before they realize they have no lien. I understand that I would be hiding assets and that it could make the judgment nondischargeable in a BK. Is that the worst that could happen? If it's just civil stuff I don't care but I can't afford to do anything criminal. Thanks for your input and please don't advise me to speak to a lawyer. They are the reason I am in this mess and I can google stuff just as well as them. Thanks!
  5. I discovered that the lien holder didn't record the lien properly on my house. I got a loan and pulled enough equity out of the house so that after the 1st, 2nd, and my homestead exemption are paid there is nothing left.
  6. So I'm assuming you couldn't do this more than once.
  7. If my lien holder forces a sale on my home to satisfy the judgement are there any ways to slow the process down long enough for me to file BK? Two years? Thanks

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