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  1. You can't be serious. Both are definitely professional liars but there is nothing more crooked than a car finance guy selling extended warranties and undercoating to subprime buyers. I think car guys are rated first nationwide for the most distrusted occupation and attorneys follow at second.
  2. I'm not upset, I just find it a distraction to the actual issue. I am within the law. They screwed up, they pay. That is what their insurance is for.
  3. I asked one question. What do I get? A bunch of people who couldn't manage their finances giving me advice. My damages are irrelevant at this point. I have the money, I have the leverage. If someone has been in my situation I'd like to hear from them. I've tried to be polite. I would like this thread to continue until it has an outcome so other people can access it and use the info. I have people who filed BK casting moral judgement on me. It is ridiculous.
  4. If that happens it will be because of long term posters here who think they are smarter than everybody else. Not me. I'm surprised the mods allow these same people to thread crap again and again...... You cleaned up your credit, I get it, big deal. That doesn't make you an expert on everything.
  5. Yep. not only did they give me the money that should have gone to the judgement holder, they also gave me the money that should have went to the primary mortgage holder. Bummer for them.
  6. Worst case scenario we don't settle, they have to pay off the first and then they sue me. I'll let them have a default judgement then I'll pay them $50 a month or BK the now unsecured debt. Sounds fine to me. I have the leverage. I already have the money so walking away with nothing won't happen.
  7. Nope, going to take full advantage of their screw-up. The first thing they tried to do is sandbag me and cancel the check they gave me. They asked me how much I want in compensation for the neg CRA reporting. I'm thinking $60K. I thought someone might have been in a similar situation, hence my only question. I have everything else covered. Thanks.
  8. I never said I was going to leave money on the table. The judgement lien was never recorded so it wasn't paid when I sold my house. The mortgage holder wasn't paid because the title company screwed up. I didn't get screwed by the title company, my mortgage holder did. Since you want to continue to insult me I'm going to block you. You are dismissed.
  9. I can easily remove the lates myself. You should know that, since you filed for BK and have clean reports now You seem to be here to insult people and leave plagiarized quotes. Quit stalking my threads. I asked a simple question.
  10. Yes. I already told them I want an independent audit completed before I settle with them. Either they settle with me or they will pay my first mortgage balance for me and I'll make $50 payments to them. It will take a while to pay it off, about 100 years. I don't do attorneys. I can google just fine. Thanks.
  11. I'm not worried about the lates, just want to extract as much money from them as possible. Since I already cashed the check from closing I have plenty of leverage. They are trying to avoid using the insurance. I believe attorneys are a waste of money unless you want to pay a professional liar to google for you. Thanks for the input.
  12. The title company didn't pay off the mortgage when I sold the house, causing a 60 day late reported on all 3 cra's. They want to settle with me and asked what i want. I don't have to be denied credit to have damages in this situation. So far they have offered to refund all of the title fees, the late payment fees and $2K. I know my credit is worth more than $2K. Thanks
  13. Hello, A title company has asked me to come up with a number for damages I want for them causing a 60 day late on my and my spouses reports. Any input? Thanks

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