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  1. Omgitsaustinb

    American Express Everyday credit card

  2. Omgitsaustinb

    Discover Card

  3. Omgitsaustinb

    American Express Gold Card

  4. Omgitsaustinb

    Citi Best Buy Visa

  5. Omgitsaustinb

    Capitol One Cabelas Club Mastercard

  6. Omgitsaustinb

    Wells Fargo

  7. Omgitsaustinb

    Does CapitalOne do a hard pull?

    Capitol One does a hard pull with Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. For this reason it's not the greatest option for credit card churns. Most banks only pull one bureau for credit card applications. Capitol One is always a triple pull.
  8. Omgitsaustinb

    When do cards close for inactivity?

    I use each of my cards once every 4 months to keep them active. I have them all saved on my Amazon account and just reload my Amazon gift card. I charge 5 bucks to each card. It takes me about 10 minutes once every 4 months to charge the 12 cards I have on file. Every issuer is different for inactivity closure.
  9. Omgitsaustinb

    When to apply for new credit card?

    Chase has the 5/24 rule. 5 or more new credit cards opened in the last 24 months and they auto decline you for most of their cards. Many factors go into approvals. Average Age of accounts, credit utilization, and new credit. I'd slow down and let some of your accounts age. I open a new card every 3 to 4 months but my average age of accounts is still 6 years because of many older open accounts.
  10. Considering they provide free credit monitoring and scores for Transunion and Equafax you'd have to expect them to profit from it's users information somehow. I use the service quite often but the scores they give are quite a bit different then the ones given by my credit cards monthly. I know they use vantage score and I'm give fico 9 scores by other credit institutions.
  11. Omgitsaustinb

    KBW: Citi, Sears Step Up Credit Card Relationship

    I'll be surprised if Sears is around in another 5 years.
  12. Omgitsaustinb

    Chase Blacklist, how long is their memory?

    Yep. My last open account is 3 months old. I'm at 6/24 currently.
  13. Omgitsaustinb

    Chase Blacklist, how long is their memory?

    Nothing showed up on the prequalified Chase page, that's why I was curious. Every other issuer that has a prequalified search gave me several results. Again this could also be because I'm currently over 5/24

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