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  1. Nope these were my actual FICO scores , and thank you everyone! Next stop will be a chase card for sure
  2. By CLK you mean ??? Credit karma ?
  3. Im 24 years old , only been workin on my credit since November 2017. I had a 517 in November, had a derogatory mark removed in January 2018 and jumped to a 605 , opened my first credit card ( secured capital one platinum $200 limit ) jumped to a 640 , opened another card with a local credit union & they matched capital one with a $200 CL my score then jumped to 690 with a little mixture of good utilization and gardening I got to 703 and I JUST GOT APPROVED FOR AMEX BLUE CASH EVERY DAY CARD WITH A $3000 CL MY HIGHEST YET! Im suppper exited to build a relationship with AMEX
  4. APPROVED for Amex blue cash $3000 CL / 6 months history , 703 Fico ! Had a 517 4 months ago
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