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  1. moving from NYC to Las Vegas so cost of living is going down considerably, tho I am paying more for my apartment. and need to factor in a vehicle. Are the rates really that bad? I went to close my account at MCU and I saw they were advertising a ~1.75% APR but they're also a horrible CU and I can't get rid of them fast enough. I'm not committed to anything just yet, I just wanted to get in before balances related to moving hit my CR and impacted my score. does DCU require me to have an account with them? I'm not a member of any CU currently so I'm not sure on the etiquette of joining really just to apply for an auto loan.
  2. I heard she practically gooped herself.
  3. bradk14

    Lender advice

    you're going to be paying something. interest, early payment penalty fees, etc. the only one that's probably going to give you a $5K short term loan for nothing is an unwitting relative or friend. I have a loan with Goldman Sachs' Marcus and they seem to be pretty above board. I don't believe they charge for paying the loan off early. as to what they may require from you, YMMV. I didn't have to provide them any documentation, I got approved for ~$12K within minutes and had it inside of 3 days.
  4. welp. 'pre-approved' for 5.something% for 72 months and 4.something% for 60 months. didn't seem fazed at all that I am pre-move. just said it's a matter of just selecting a vehicle and running a full credit app whatever that means. said pre-approval is good for 30 days.
  5. so I hit up carmax. they pulled exp (at least) which is 753. I even proceeded to pay experian for the auto loan score but not sure that actually got me anything. new address is showing up on the exp it seems.
  6. I did go through most of my accounts and update my address to the new one but obviously it won't have any affect until at least one of them reports it, if it even works that way. I might have mentioned it earlier but I do have an offer letter. I also now have a lease although it's been signed only by me and not the apartment management yet.
  7. bradk14

    Swimming in credit card debt

    eek. that's why at one point I decided to kill cable (except for internet) and try using streaming services like DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, Sling, etc. My case is unique, but it turned out I was using so many services to get what I wanted, I ended up convincing the cable company to treat me as a new customer, so it went down to $100/mo for a year.
  8. Thank you. I do have an offer letter (which I am using as proof of income for my apartment application). and the lease should provide proof of residence, at least I believe it will help for the DMV. But of course I'm still waiting for final approval on the apartment so I don't technically have a NV address yet, but I won't be applying for any credit until I do (in fact, one of the first things I'll be doing is updating all my existing accounts with the new address ahead of the move itself). I guess one of my points of naivete regarding applying for a loan is a chicken or the egg thing. some articles I've read say some loan applications require the VIN while others don't and clearly without being able to commit to a specific vehicle in advance, I don't have a VIN, just an idea of what I'm wanting to pay.
  9. so you are saying claimed income doesn't have any impact on approvals/CLs/loan terms?
  10. I realize my experience is limited, but while it may be possible to go without a car, it's not practical. for example, from my apartment to my job would require a minimum of 1 bus transfer and a mile of walking, which is not fun in 110+ degree weather. and that turns what would be a 10 minute commute by car to an hour long commute at best. I'm not a fan of cars over mass transit, especially living in NYC, but I have to recognize the situation for what it is. But I may not have been entirely clear with my question. I'm not really asking which state is best to buy a car in, but rather is it okay to use near future information on credit applications or must I wait until I'm physically relocated? As another example, I will be paying rent by credit card so I'd like to do better than my 1.5% back cap one and apply for a citi double.
  11. Nevada. I don't have time to drive it across country as much as I'd love to.
  12. Within the next two weeks (give or take a few days), I'll be relocating from NYC to Las Vegas for a new job. Gross salary increase is ~25K. Right now my credit is okay (TU FICO 8 is 769 as of 7/27). Before some balances hit because of the relocation, I'd like to take advantage of it. namely a car, which is almost require there, and a liability here. I've been window shopping at Carmax and am pretty much set with what I want, so I'm tempted to start the pre-qualify process through them, but I'm wondering if it would be a mistake to represent my life a couple of weeks ahead of reality. I have several thousand in cash at the moment (yes, I am historically irresponsible) and I will be getting roughly another $15K after separating from my current job, but I'm not keen on paying down card balances a lot until I can cover the down payment and whatever other necessities that pop up with the cash. also I realize Carmax may not be the ideal financer so I'm open to suggestions but I must confess I've never bought a car before and I also need to hit the ground running so I may be vulnerable to quick decisions.
  13. bradk14

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Discover Auto CLI $2500 -> $3000 (opened 4/1/18 with a BT of $2000, haven't used for anything else) Synchrony Amazon Store Card $3500 -> $6000 (asked for $7K) Synchrony Old Navy Store Card $1000 -> $5000
  14. bradk14

    Are Synchrony Financial CLIs a soft pull?

    I'm not sure of the difference now that you ask again. I saw the mention of the store card and assumed we are talking about the same thing. the same company I have an Amazon store card and Old Navy card from. In my case, I got an automated decrease in my Amazon CL and my Old Navy wouldn't budge for years, but once my report got cleaned up and revolving credit was paid off, both accounts were automatically approved with a significant increase upon request.
  15. bradk14

    Are Synchrony Financial CLIs a soft pull?

    yes. in fact they often routinely review your current credit in general and take action against your accounts with them.

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