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  1. sams club offers 5% back on gas up to $6K a year at all gas stations in the US provided they arent affiliated with super markets, super stores or other wholesale clubs. tho I imagine you need to be a sams club member to apply
  2. probably depends on the bank, but in my experience, they'll either give you the opportunity to lower the requested transfer or will automatically adjust it to fit the CL. personally, I've experienced this twice. Discover gave me the opportunity to adjust, Wells Fargo 'arbitrarily' adjusted it, so the utilization is now super high on the card. in either case, there's only evidence that it didn't contribute to a higher CL from the new card.
  3. Synchrony is very loose with both the love and the hate. they are also very sensitive to your CR as a whole, not just the accounts you have with them. I've had them chase down my Amazon only to suddenly become much more generous as a result of lowering my balances across the board. my old navy had been stuck at $200 for years. then I was finally able to get it to $1K then $5K.
  4. taking out an installment loan to pay down revolving credit will help tremendously. i speak from experience. as long as you don't use that as an opportunity to build more revolving credit debt while paying off said loan.
  5. I guess someone was super bored and needed to find something to binge on netflix. that episode has to be months old by now.
  6. https://verified.capitalone.com/sic-ui/#/esignin?Product=Card&Action=ProductUpgrade a few months ago, I converted a MC (whatever level it was) to a QS.
  7. I've had several accounts appear well before I even receive the card. it all depends on when the creditor reports them. that's the long and short of it.
  8. did not know that with experian. they have credit check total but I thought that gave access to only experian daily with monthly pulls from the others. there USED to be significant benefits to being able to do this and indeed there WERE services that offered this. but to my knowledge, neither is the case anymore. Experian monitors and reports on itself in real time and Credit Karma/WalletHub do the same for TU. but only Exp offers a FICO score.
  9. it may be different but I'm not sure there's much of an impact on balances on installment loans simply because of their nature (?). The only evidence I have that speaks to that is I took out 2 installment loans so that I could fully pay off all my revolving credit and my scores all skyrocketed.
  10. fluff piece. TfL was using contactless credit cards (which of course are more popular in Europe) years ago. before the advent of additional payment systems such as NFC, which they also now support. the MTA worked with Chase to test the same thing in NYC and that didn't end well. Now they're going to NFC or RFID or whatever. if it was going to happen, it would have happened years ago.
  11. unless the cards charge AF or monthly fees that you can't get rid of/waived, it's pretty much ill advised to close accounts willingly. on the contrary, you would be encouraged to use each one in small doses probably at least once every 6-12 months just to prevent the account from being closed due to non-activity. as long as the account is open and in good standing, it only benefits you to keep it alive. but if you are set on closing them despite their benefits, the only impact you need to worry about is the AAOA which would theoretically be adversely affected by closing accounts. FWIW, I don't believe it's a negative if the creditor does close the account purely due to inactivity. it should make no difference to anyone.
  12. bear in mind, disputing is not an overnight process. it could take a couple of months for final results (although it could be a bit less too depending on how it plays out) have you already tried applying for rent? do you know what your FICO scores are? I will second looking for private landlords. from my understanding, bad credit itself is not a deterrent from renting (if it was, we'd have a much larger homeless population), but it could mean having to pay a larger deposit. having legal action against you, especially an eviction can spell certain doom, however. is it safe to assume the collections are unpaid?
  13. well, I can't. I'm not being afforded the time to drive it across the country (not sure I'd want to put the miles on it either). That was actually my original plan with a U-Haul, short of the test drive, I actually am pretty set on the make and model (and year) of the vehicle. this is after my own research as well as consulting with several car enthusiasts that I know. In fact, I had Carmax ship a vehicle from LA to Vegas which is now supposedly waiting for me via a temporary hold. I've also gotten insurance quotes. The car is undervalued however so I need to clarify why that is before I commit to it (for example, the same vehicle with a few thousand more miles on it was about $3K more). I know I can probably do better than Carmax in both dealership and financing. That was never really a question from what I've managed to learn. The question there became iif running around like a chicken with its head cut off is worth the effort for what might amount to a couple hundred of dollars a year.

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