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  1. As always you guys have been amazing! Thank you for letting us glean some of your knowledge and experience. We are still researching and trying to find that right fit vehicle and I feel much more confident going into this. We have also been doing a lot more reading and researching and *will* come out with a much better vehicle and deal than in the past. I cannot thank you all enough, really. After the very rough, very cold last week here in Texas I hope to hop back on this and get this off our "to-do" list very soon and I'll update when we've made more progress. Again, thank you all so much!
  2. Thanks guys for the information. Turns out there is a sales tax credit in Texas for trading in your car to the same place you purchase your next. I wasn't even aware of that, so thanks for that specific information. Otherwise, truth is, I've never sold a vehicle. After getting myself into a bad deal the first time I bought a car, the DH and I have almost exclusively purchased in cash and ran previous cars into the ground. At most we have donated or junked older vehicles at the end of their lives. This will be our first trade in as well and for that don't particularly feel comforta
  3. Maybe this decision doesn't matter, but at least I hope I can get guidance from you guys who have helped tremendously in the past. My DH and I are in the market for another vehicle. We currently have a 2009 Ford Flex with a little over 138000 miles on it. We are in the last 10 months of the 4 year loan we signed and therefore have little left on the loan. However, the amount we owe is still more than the car is currently worth based on information I can find on the internet and the condition it is in (fair condition; cosmetic issues, but no mechanical issues other than age).
  4. Well, here we are again, Why Chat. I was hoping we were at the tail end of this process and we were blazing along getting prepared to make big changes next year, but alas, that is not our luck. The same accounts that we had disputed back in July, on my husbands TU report, we just noticed are back on there this week. The information for each account seems to be the same, though some accounts have a "Date Closed" listed where others do not and some are notated that we have disputed those accounts, though not all the disputed accounts have this notation. The "date updated" for each account ranges
  5. So, I finally have an update on my husbands progress. I swear this last month felt like it took forever, lol. Of all the old accounts we have disputed all but 3 have been removed. 2 are held with a CA called RS Clark & Assoc., the 3rd with a CA called Synerprise. After we sent the medical DV to RS Clark they sent back a letter saying they need more time to validate the debt and EQ "verified" the accounts. Synerprise simply sent letter saying they researched it and validated the account and EQ verified it, as well. Is there a next step for these 3? EX has removed all his accoun
  6. Ok, so I was hoping this wouldn't happen to us, but it seems my luck isn't so great. I just had a collections account pop up on my Experian report (after getting it all clean 🤬). I am aware of the account and the balance. It came from an anesthesiology company that handled my sons birth 4 1/2 years ago. They apparently didn't record our insurance properly and tried to come after us for the full amount of the service. I attempted to call them for months after the bills started showing up, but they always went to voicemail, essentially, and no one ever called back. I tried to get my insurance c
  7. Ok, definitely has not been 30 days. I'll wait and come back with the results then. Thanks a million!
  8. Yes, though we have not heard from either Equifax or Experian. Should we wait to see the results of the follow up letters to the CRA's? Am I just being too impatient, lol?
  9. Another update on our progress. Since my last post, my husband has received the response from Equifax. They claim to have verified all the collections on his accounts so we moved ahead with the medical DV letters for each account and the CRA follow up for those letters. We received 2 responses from different CA so far. One sent a copy of the "billing statements", as they called them and the other didn't bother to send anything of substance, just a letter saying they investigated themselves (😂🤣🙄🤦‍♀️) and found the "total amount owed is accurate." All of the accounts left on both his Equifax and
  10. Ok! Progress. Again, thank you SO much Why Chat. I just received a letter from my last collections account notifying me that the account will be removed. Yay! That makes all of my reports clean as a whistle. My husband has also had a lot of progress on his disputes. TransUnion has removed all collections accounts from his report and Experian has removed all but 3. He has prepared the medical DV letters and the follow up for Ex to be sent out this coming week. He has not seen any movement from Equifax so far, but I expect to see something happen within this next week and we will go
  11. The one account I received a letter for has been removed. The other account was from a different CA in Minnesota. That one was delayed a short while due to the USPS not having access to the delivery location on the day of delivery, though all addresses I have had were PO Boxes. The follow up letter for Experian was mailed on the same day and the USPS didn't give an exact reason for the delay, just that it was delayed in route to the next facility. However, I have received confirmations that all 3 envelopes were delivered successfully. There is still just the one account (from the CA in Minneso
  12. Ok, so I've sent the medical DV's to the CA's and the follow up to Experian. Unfortunately, Experian just received the follow up letter yesterday as it was delayed in transport by the USPS. I received a letter today from one of the accounts that were left on Experian and this is what it says, "Until verification or the result of our investigation is completed and sent to you, we are requesting deletion(s) from the CRA's. Our control of reports to CRA's is limited to reports our office initiates. Regardless of the CRA status, our client is the owner of this account(s). Weekly updates are schedu
  13. I have not sent those out, but had them queued up and ready to go. Just wanted a confirmation. Those will go out today. Should I expect the same 30 day turn around for these as the past letters? Thanks Why Chat!
  14. Ok, its been a while, life has been busy, so here is my update. My husbands process is a bit farther behind mine as it took an update on his DL before we could get started. However, I did the initial dispute letters to each CRA. Both Transunion and Equifax have removed the accounts on my report. I now only have my accounts in good standing on both. Experian is a bit different. Of the 4 that were on my report, they have deleted 2 and updated 2, simply writing that the 2 that stayed have had the information updated and to review my report for the details. I haven't received anything from either
  15. Ok, another question for you, Why Chat. I've been plugging along in this process exactly as you have said. So far I have received the letters from the deletion of old addresses and sent out the initial dispute letters to the CRA's (talk about a hurry up and wait situation 😒) however, in the process of waiting, I have been keeping an eye on my reports. I received the letters from all 3 CRA's about the deletions of old addresses and for TU and Experian they both removed the old addresses they said they would. Equifax on the other hand sent me a letter informing me that the addresses have been de
  16. Hey guys. Long time lurker, new poster. I was hoping to get some specific-to-me guidance on how to proceed and to make sure I am taking every step correctly. I have read as many posts as I have been able to over the past year or so. I have started Why Chat's HIPPA process. I have read all of PsychDoc's transcripts. Many, many copies later and I have all my reports in line. My DH's as well. Our end goal is ultimately to buy a house. We started in summer 2017 getting a car after the one we had died on us and had to voluntary surrender it (that was just before I found this site and all this wonde
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