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  1. I just spoke to the CA, asking to set up a payment plan. They said the best they could do would be to break it into 3 monthly payments (roughly $212 each month). Apparently they won't go lower than that. They also want me to provide them with my banking information, which I am hesitant to do - I'd rather mail them something that they can't use however they feel like it. Anyone have advice on negotiating a payment agreement, and how I should address the form of payment issue? Thanks in advance
  2. I verified that the CA is working for the college, and the college still owns the debt.
  3. The first piece of mail I got from them was this past week (after I asked them to send me information in writing when they called). In the document they state that the "current creditor" is the community college and they refer to the college as their client. I'm going to call the college today to see if this is a debt they still hold or if they have transferred it entirely. From the phone conversation it sounded as though they were working on behalf of the college and that they debt was still theirs, but I want to be certain. Anyone know if a college will still work with you on repayment directly if they have hired a collection agency? I'd rather pay the school than this company... Thank you!
  4. Hello! Hoping to get some advice from you all. I have an older (2013) tuition bill from a local community college in Michigan that is currently unpaid. When I was enrolled in classes I withdrew after the deadline - because of that, my financial aid was revoked and I now owe the money back to the school (this is not a loan of any kind). The total bill appears to be $635, with $127 of that being collection fees. I haven't heard about it in several years and forgot about it (bad, I know...). I've been paying off some other things on my report lately and I suddenly got a call from a CA (Merchants and Medical) on Monday regarding this debt. They claim they have tried to contact me 57 times, which I know to be wildly untrue considering they had my correct mailing address and cell number, but that's besides the point. The person I spoke to called me on my work line and told me that if I didn't pay the full balance that she would "recommend they take the next steps." I assume she means garnishment (do they need a judgment first on this kind debt?), but who knows. I told her I knew nothing of the debt and have not received anything in writing from them, and would not discuss the matter further until I got something in the mail. She said she'd send verification right away but expected full payment once I got it. I didn't agree to that, and am still waiting on the mail. I know the debt is valid, but wanted to see the details they have on the account. While I can pay the balance in full, it wouldn't be comfortable to do so and my hope is to get them to settle for a percentage of the amount owed, even if it's slightly lower it's better than nothing. Not sure if the CA will be willing to negotiate on this kind of debt though, and I don't want to risk poking the bear. Does anyone have experience with this, is a settlement possible or will I need to pay in full? Thanks in advance!
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