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  1. Final (?) Update: Received my Eq CR. My account is now flagged, “File Blocked for Promotional Purposes” and the CA and all four accounts are gone! I did not receive anything from Eq about the investigation nor was I ever able to access their site to view the analysis. I have not heard from the OC or any other CA / JDB. I appreciate the help of Why Chat and this forum. Very helpful. Thank you! Now, maybe I will be able to contribute as I continue to learn.
  2. Update: I checked the status of my Eq dispute using their site and the status was "Ready". But, I was using a browser w/o Java and couldn't view the report. When I finally had Java access, the site kept coming back with Information Mismatch. I called in this morning and was told there were no listings for the CA on my report and that a new copy of my CR would be mailed to me. I am optimistically hopeful that this information is true. Once the CR arrives, I will provide a final (?) update.
  3. Update: I received a letter from TU today with the following: “After reviewing your dispute request, we found the information you disputed does not currently appear on your TransUnion credit report. It’s possible the information was updated before we reviewed your report or it was reported by one of the other credit reporting companies.” It was there on 4/10 and gone by 4/18. However it happened, I am glad. I’ll be saving the letter just in case of a future change. I have not received anything from the OC or any other JDB so hopefully this is the end. The dispute letter to Eq was delivered on 4/21. I will continue to update this thread. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Update: Yesterday, the dispute letter sent to CRA (TU) was delivered. I checked CreditKarma today and my score improved by 55 points and there were zero derogatory marks. There were four marks prior to sending the dispute letter. Will I receive something in the mail from CRA informing me of the dispute? Now, here is where it gets more interesting. When I requested my CR from each CRA, I was not able to validate my info with Eq. I submitted a request and they mailed my report which I received today. When I went on CreditKarma earlier this week, they showed zero derogatory marks from Eq (and still do). However, on the actual report, the CA is listed four times for the same four accounts as were listed with TU. What I find especially odd is that all four display “Collection Reported 03/2018”. Does that mean they were just added last month even though they date back to 05/2014? The other odd item I found was a soft inquiry from the OC dated 4/10/18, the same day I made payment to CR. I’ve had no business with them in over four years. Would they have done a soft pull with the intent of sending other accounts to collections now that some were paid? I will mail a dispute letter to CRA (Eq) today and will keep this post updated. Thank you Why Chat and this forum for the wealth of knowledge and support. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. No, I did not have insurance at the time of service. Yes, I am only sending one dispute letter as these records only appear with one CRA. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. The service dates listed on the CA correspondence range from 10/2013 to 1/2014. There are five accounts on the correspondence but only four on the CRA. Am I correct that I only dispute the four listed on the CRA and wait to see if the fifth one appears in the future? That account has an amount of $47. I do have the real reports from TU and Ex. The Eq report is being mailed to me. I did notice the CA is not listed under Collections on Ex but they did do a Soft Inquiry on 2/2/18 and the discounted offer was sent on 2/21/18. Does Opting Out prevent the CA from future soft inquiries? I wasn’t exactly sure what it did but if it helps with all the junk offers that come in the mail, I’ll be happy. Thanks for this great information. The first (and hopefully only) initial dispute letter is going out today. I will report back to this thread with all updates. No, I did not sign anything. Lastly, in their correspondence dated 2/21/18, it reads, “upon receipt of your last payment, your account will be closed in our office as paid in full.” Could they really sell the unpaid amount to another CA? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hi. Sorry for the double post. I was using Tapatalk and couldn’t figure out why my post wasn’t appearing. Tried a post direct from the site before I realized the mods needed to approve since I was new. Such a newbie. Mods... Feel free to delete this post and one of the duplicates.
  8. Google. I was searching for a forum discussing all things credit. Definitely finding the site beneficial.
  9. Found the site using Google. I was looking for a site that discussed all things credit. So far, I’m learning alot and find the site very helpful. Thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Hello. I am new to the forum and have read many of your experiences regarding medical collections. Thank you for sharing as it is a definite help. However, I may have found this forum a little too late. Hoping for some direction as I do not know how to proceed. I recently requested all three reports from the CRA. One of them, TU, had four listings from one CA. Each one was a different amount but they all had the same date of 5/2014. They are all set be removed in 03/2021. Back in February, I received a letter from the same CA offering me a discounted total price. I thought paying less and having each account listed as PAID was better than listed as IN COLLECTIONS. I made the payment last week via their website. There has been no human interaction. I checked my score with TU and the marks only have a negative impact when the source uses VantageScore 3.0. The TU scores using FICO 8.0 are nearly the same as Eq & Ex. So, here is my question. I’ve read over the Guidebook to Using Why Chat’s Programs but am not sure if they would benefit my situation. All four accounts are now paid but they haven’t been reported as paid yet. I would much prefer to have them removed completely but am not sure if I should proceed since they are paid. I do have the report from TU with an ID#. I completed the opt out instructions. I requested my MIB report. I haven’t moved so the addresses listed are valid. Is my next step to send a pre- HIPAA medical dispute letter to CRA? Or, do I just wait until 03/2021? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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