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  1. George thank you for reminding me why I don't post anymore. I am back out of here When people can't understand plan English it is time for me to leave. I don't know if I will read anymore either. I really don't know if I can trust CB information anymore. Unsubscribing. At least, I said my goodbye to hurricanesfans27. That the only one, I think who really understood me and my postings. I will miss him.
  2. Here is what I meant. By process of elimination. I am trying to figure out how my secondary isp email got compromised. I know it is not credit boards because subscriptions go to my main email address. At least, I can change that secondary isp email.
  3. I thought cbers should know. Here is the fake message Fake url here I do have one question. How do I find the forum/board that got their emails comprised. I am subscribed to a lot of forums. Anyone know? Creditboards is safe. I use a different email address for them.
  4. I am so that hurricanesfans27/John is gone. He will be missed.
  5. MoneyGram could be a bit cheaper at $15 fees and Western Union at $28, using the economy options. I used a money transfer service and the bank didn't block. If you specify the bank they would use, may be someone can confirm. Some money transfer services do verify identity of the person sending money. I visited your blog...which starts with "sky is falling" intro... Down below some tips aren't bad. Wonder if some blogs make it like one needs a straitjacket. We will see after Feb. I admit if banks do increase debit card fees or start having debit card fees, it could mean back to a cash society
  6. Seriously? Wouldn't going to Western Union and hitting "Price Services" have been easier than starting a thread and hoping someone gives an accurate response? Western Union - Price Services Thank you and credit_help for reminding me why I don't post that much here anymore. I was not aware of that link and I asking for someone else anyways. This question still did not get answered Do any banks block Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal quasi online transactions?
  7. Asking for someone else, who want to use a Credit Card to send cash to someone who needs it. Do any banks block Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal quasi online transactions? On western union What is the fee for transfer to bank account? What is the fee if you pick it up at an agent? What is the fee if you wait 72 hours to pickup? There are sending $500.00 dollars. Thank you for your help.
  8. If the card payment is due on the 2nd, can you make a payment on the 1st without being late? I am talking about February. With the new laws, isn't it supposed to be credited on the same day unless it a weekend or a holiday, then it credited the next business day? Also, how long are due date suppose to be now? I can pay it now, Were just trying to stretch are funds.
  9. Not with the foundation problem. They did tell me there bank is Ocwen. They may talk to a Realtor. They just want enough to pay the mortgage off and get an apartment. What type of lawyer should they get?
  10. I told them to contact an attorney. I didn't know what type of attorney to recommend. Here is there story. They filed ch 7 bankruptcy under the old law. The house was suppose to be reinstated, never was. They have kept paying the house payment. The Bankruptcy attorney claims they can walkout anytime and won't be responsible for any fix up cost or any loss incurred by the lender. They are wanting to know if they can still walkout without being libel? If the 10 years pass, can the still walkout without being libel? They pay the house payment by check (sent by mail), any chance of them grabbing the money in the checking account without approval? What is deed in lieu of Foreclosure? They are thinking of walking out. House repairs and up keep are getting to high. The house has a foundation problem, which can be stabilized or fixed. This house is in a upscale (I hate to use that word) neighbored hood. Everybody wants to live on this street. Thank you for the suggestion and advice. I will pass any information on to them.
  11. If people aren't scared by this, they should be. One more step toward a cash-less society. No CASH = no PRIVACY! BRING IT ON You really really think that if you use all CASH nobody has information on you??? NO. When it comes to a third party dictating wheather or not you can make a purchase, and you have no other option, THAT IS NOT GOOD! I know it sounds like unsubstantiated parinoia to most. But that's the problem. I am already in a CASH FREE WORLD (other than a few vending machines) Although there are some COKE vending machines that are in a test market on the east coast There was a washer and dryer in a HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS near CMH that takes credit cards (right near the inside pool) "IF" anybody lives near there they know what one I am talking about I am peeking out to ask George some questions, I still read credit boards but don't post much anymore. You are for no checks. What about people who have no bank accounts, no credit or debit cards? What about companies that don't take credit or debit cards for loan payments? Some loan companies charge you $10.00 to pay online. Some credit card companies do. Some utilities don't take credit/debit cards and those that do charge a fee. Vectren Gas charges a Fee for credit/debit cards but not for checks online. If you make a mistakes entering the info, they charge you a bounce fee for either method and you can not save your information. Another thing I don't like is some of the payment websites have to much flash on them. I just want to check my balance or make a payment. now back into hiding
  12. Update, the problem is fixed. They were in the process of changing software. They may have change the pin network as well, but I am not sure. They still couldn't figure it why it was coming up as invalid pin, instead of network not available. I think they put my debit card on another network, either Star or Maestro. It works as both signature and a pin. I am just glad, I was not out of state or even worse out of the country. Debit cards have the best exchange rate for outside of the U.S. for purchases.
  13. I did a search the net first before posting here. The only thing I can thing of, is the magnetic strip got partially damage and only affecting the pulse network. I asked another bank, they said the Pulse network was running but Pulse could be down in certain areas. I will most likely will have to get a new card with a new number. What makes me mad (This applies to most banks) is they only use one atm Pin network. They need to have two pin atm network and one atm network. Most banks here Have the Pulse and Interlink network. The others only have jut the Pulse and cirrus network. They need to have at least one or more of the other pin networks Maestro, Interlink, Nyce, Star, Pulse, Etc Plus and Cirrus are atm networks.
  14. No, it is not the pin pad. One thing, the pulse network could of been down on 10-22-09. I have not tried it Today, since I am working with the bank. Another thing, I thought it could be the magnetic strip could be damage. It works as a signature transaction. The pin works fine at my banks atm but not at foreign atms or at merchants. That why I was asking for 2fast help, he works in the industry and would know if there is/was a problem with the pulse network and could explain it. The bank increased my pin limit tries. After the second error, it may give the bank more information on what is wrong with my card. Transaction Not authorized. Which usually means no balance, there is a sufficient balance. Again that why I was asking for 2fast or someone like him for help. He is what happen Tried pin at the store, twice. Invalid pin. But signature transaction worked Went to the bank. Work a their atm, Told me to try another banks atm (Yes, that is strange we both laughed on that) Foreign Atm, Said invalid pin. Later, I thought. Why not change your pin at the atm. So, I did that. Tried it at the store, it said transaction not authorized. However, signature transaction went through. To answer you question, it is a state bank (was not affected by the recession). I been with this bank for years. It kind of pointless to have a debit card if you cant use it as a pin transaction or at foreign atms. I just glad I was not out of the country or outside of my state.
  15. Debit card help question for 2fast or someone like him. To 2fast or someone like him. Here is the problem. I noticed when I use the debit card at a store using a pin, it said invalid pin, when it was the correct pin. The bank has no idea and they are checking into, why it is not working. The pin did work at the banks atm, it didnt work at store or at a foreign atms (another banks atm). I tried my own experiment. I changed my pin. However, this time when I went to try it at the store. Using the pin at the store. It said not authorized. This only happens with pin transactions and the pin debit network they use is Pulse. Signature transactions do work without a problem. I go to places that require pin debt card use. Dollar General, Family Dollar (My Family dollar does not take credit cards yet), Alds, etc. What should I tell my bank is wrong with pin side my debit card? Thank you for this information. I am peaking out, I said, I was only gone to post if I need help, which I do. Please, no debates on debit cards or saying don't use debit cards. I just want to know what the problem is, so I can tell my bank. Thank you.

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