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  1. Okay, yes, according to the letter, it was pulled on May 1st. My score still shouldn't have been that low, but it was before I paid off the last two smalls cards. This was an experiment to see if they'd even give me CLI's since I've never asked for one. But I've had this card for 8 years or so and they've never increased it. I'd put anywhere from $10 to $100 here and there and paid it off. Shouldn't I have been offered CLI's automatically? How long should I wait before requesting again? Also, how do you get strategic when creditors are using different FICO versions as in this case?
  2. I asked for a CLI from one of my zero balance Cap 1's. They declined and stated that my credit score was 626 on Equifax! Now I know there are a variety of credit products available to different industries and there is a variance in what I'll see but when I pulled myFICO for Equifax I was given 734. The gap shouldn't be THAT wide, should it?!!
  3. I have never asked for CLI on any card in all these years. That's why I'm showing those tiny cards as well. I've also never asked to combine my Cap 1 Platinum cards. I have the two showing and a tiny one with a $300 limit that has $0 balance. I don't think I've paid bare minimum on any cards in a bit...it's just not a consistent amount. Sometimes it's double my payment and sometimes it might just be $30 more. That being said, I do occasionally have payments go a day past the due date. Not a recordable late, but I have received late payment fees. This is the nature of being a contractor and not
  4. Our income can vary widely as we are contractors but I've always been able to meet minimums even on months when we are waiting on payments. But in general, I have roughly $500 extra each month that I use to pay the cards down. I've been working on the Chase card the hardest to get rid of one of the highest rates.
  5. I turned our credit around years ago with the help of this board but after changes to one of our major contracts, I started having to use credit cards again. I've paid off a few small cards and am coming close on a few others but I could really use a plan of action. I'd love to consolidate but as we are self employed, it's harder to do. If it were possible to consolidate just on cards, I'd do it in a heartbeat but I owe too much. I would appreciate any and all input. Here is my info: Citi Business Card $6794 owed CL $7k 29.9% Wells Fargo $1781 owed CL $2300 27% Amazon Card $20
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