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  1. I have a distant friend who is now the Dollar General Prez of some division of something or other. Liaison the to Board of Directors. Honestly, he's an imbecile.
  2. Printers and computers at the Big Box electronics and office supply sellers (Staples, Best Buy, etc.)
  3. Here is a link to the spreadsheet which is wrapped into the zipped file. Link The above link is dead. I don't know what happened to the poster that provided this link.... Marv The link should not expire...unless I stop paying my cloud provider. 😁
  4. Must be a statutory issue, they have been taking debit/cc since the inception of medical marijuana in FL. Including delivered products. So I have heard...heh...I'm actually from Conehead, France,
  5. There are other online payment systems that can occur between two parties with equal access to it. The issue is S.W.I.F.T. and to avoid it.
  6. And I got cancelled for no apparent reason that they could explain. Thank you but no more AMEX cards for me...ever.
  7. They put their stuff in storage, move, then pull what they need out of storage.
  8. Time for a secured (by savings account) credit card here in early 2022. My credit rating is non-existent, no credit ratings on any of the three bureaus. I am a Suncoast CU member, they want 16%/annum, and, I believe, no fee for applying. https://www.suncoastcreditunion.com/personal/borrow/credit-cards This is to simply get a CC that can be used for car rentals, (mainly in Panama), airfare tickets and miscellaneous. My debit card will work fine in Panama except for a few occasional items as listed. I'm employed ($1,000/mo) plus $1,000/month SSecurity. Balance payoff within 5-10 days of use to keep a zero credit balance on the card. Does anyone have any other recommendations for a secured card?
  9. Well, gambling or not, I had them freeze my PayPal account for no reason whatsoever except that they are mindless assclowns. Several phone calls later, I got to pull my money out and NVER again will I darken their carnival door.
  10. Through a mortgage broker for one, the other came from an ad in the local paper. One was a refi and I showed 30% equity (value over debt), the other was a purchase and, if I recall, about the same downpayment. I passed on a 100% purchase loan, the interest rate was just too high.
  11. Could be. First-time shoppers are often approved for initial purchases of around $50-$100. "
  12. I tried Sezzle for a $25 purchase, got turned down, have no reason given but it must be something about my IP address, I'm guessing here because there was no reason to get a turndown.
  13. Long term, don't count on vehicular appreciation.
  14. Wise shaman once told me "Never finance a depreciating asset. Pay cash"
  15. Why not pay the hospital and let the debt collector deal with it?
  16. Look for Owner financing or private mortgage money. The former may or may not run a credit check and the latter option as well. I have used both successfully when I couldn't get the deal I wanted from conventional money sources.
  17. Find a mortgage broker that also represents individual investors. The rate may be higher, i actually refi-ed with one. This includes options such as Owner-Land/Lot financing and you purchasing a suitable home and move it there e.g. Boxabyl
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