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  1. aka The Homework Guy on YouTube (can I post a link?)?
  2. I've never had a problem buying a car. I don't know if this will work or not but I would fax to the dealer exactly the make, model, etc and what I would pay. I would ask them to sign and return. I suppose you could do the same with email but the point is the homework you do before you ever talk to a dealer. I'm not negotiating anything. If they don't like my offer, then I wait and go back - again - to one of many possible dealers. Eventually, it works out.,..to my number.
  3. The Varo Bank website states "Applying won’t impact your credit score." FYI. This may be a lie.
  4. A STAR on your Florida Driver License or Florida ID Card means you are Real ID compliant.
  5. What a mess this is. I worked on a software project that compressed data into a PDF 417 barcode. That's the one which is on the back of your DL (in most states). The reason it is there, instead of a potentially lower data storage capacity e.g. magnetic card stripe, is b/c the FedGov demanded that the states have the capacity to store a bunch of data in lieu of a separate Real Id Card. They did this by threatening to withhold FedGov highway/road funding from non-complying states. Some of the states wagged their noses at the FedGov by complying only in spirit i.e. they allowed the PDF
  6. Been a member for a long time, created a new profile since my past here was in 2006ish. I post on many forums (Paracast, etc.) and have always promoted CB as an absolutely incredible source of credit intelligence. Thank you for just being.
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