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  1. Long term, don't count on vehicular appreciation.
  2. Wise shaman once told me "Never finance a depreciating asset. Pay cash"
  3. Yes, the only solution that I know off are private investors in your locality that are willing to lend. The interest rate is several points over prime. But they know your property and understand the financial consequences of foreclosure. In short, they weight the risks v.s ROI and accept the processes.
  4. Why not pay the hospital and let the debt collector deal with it?
  5. Look for Owner financing or private mortgage money. The former may or may not run a credit check and the latter option as well. I have used both successfully when I couldn't get the deal I wanted from conventional money sources.
  6. Find a mortgage broker that also represents individual investors. The rate may be higher, i actually refi-ed with one. This includes options such as Owner-Land/Lot financing and you purchasing a suitable home and move it there e.g. Boxabyl
  7. aka The Homework Guy on YouTube (can I post a link?)?
  8. I've never had a problem buying a car. I don't know if this will work or not but I would fax to the dealer exactly the make, model, etc and what I would pay. I would ask them to sign and return. I suppose you could do the same with email but the point is the homework you do before you ever talk to a dealer. I'm not negotiating anything. If they don't like my offer, then I wait and go back - again - to one of many possible dealers. Eventually, it works out.,..to my number.
  9. The Varo Bank website states "Applying won’t impact your credit score." FYI. This may be a lie.
  10. A STAR on your Florida Driver License or Florida ID Card means you are Real ID compliant.
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