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  1. I would call Sprint pronto. If you have a statement which shows the date in which service was cancelled you've got a very solid case to present to Sprint. I would not deal with the CA at all. Just be friendly and polite at all times, even if it kills you because the rep makes a box of rocks look like a team of rocket scientists! Good luck!
  2. CAP1? Never had interest in this card, or Walmart in general. I've always thought SYNC's lending standards were lower than CAP1. Wonder what this will mean for WalMart's core clientel. I can see it now, $1k SL's for scores in the 700's. 😂
  3. I think that's because he referred to it as an "unconfirmed deliquency", a definition he has apparently created himself to somehow deflect the significance.
  4. You keep using the term "unconfirmed deliquency". There's no such thing. You're either late or, or you're not. There's nothing to confirm. Just because one uses auto pay there are no guarantees if a payment fails to process for any reason. When autopay fails, you're still responsible for making a timely payment. This sounds like an easy problem to fix. Go back to your Amazon account statements and verify if you were late at the time they reported to the CRAs. If your statements indicate you were never late, or the statements do show a late payment but you can prove via bank statements that you were on time, then you have a solid case to remove the late. If you can't prove an on-time payment your best strategy is to write a very sincere, friendly, non-threatening goodwill letter. If you explain your circumstances at the time you may have some luck, especially if the deliquency is over 2 years ago and you've had a 100% solid on-time (i.e. not even 1 day late) payment history since. I know you are going through some tough times and you have my condolences. I wish you the best of luck.
  5. The first mistake you made was in thinking that you could somehow obviate your credit agreement with the lender by means of a restrictive endorsement. You borrowed under their terms and are therefore obliged to pay it back under their terms. You cannot unfortuantely add your own terms or conditions to a payment for a debt which you legally owe. That sort of agreement should have been arranged before making any payment, and in writing too. The second mistake was thinking that you had legal grounds to force Sync to change the reporting of late payments from several years ago as a condition of payment. Again, there's just nothing legally binding that you can put in a notation on a check to make this happen. It's unfortunate that Sync took the action they didn, but the account is still showing a 0 balance. A reduction of $900 in available credit likely made little difference, and I doubt a 30 day late from several years ago alone will prevent you from getting a mortgage. You also mentioned "Dispute Amazon Store Account". You seriously didn't open a dispute with any of the CRAs did you? That may very well have triggered the AA against you. I can see this action being taken because the balance didn't update right away. It is always best to wait for the lender to report to the CRA's, or ask for a mid-cycle update, than to dispute balances before a lender has a chance to report.
  6. TRW is now Experian according to wikipedia. Anyhow, congrats on a clean file!
  7. While I agree in concept, this could wind up being terrible in execution. There is a very wide grey area for abuse by collectors, and even the potential to lead to violence. Imagine having a pushy collector show up and refusing to leave when asked? I can see someone feeling threatened and pulling a gun on a collector who oversteps his limits. I've heard of that happening around here with vehicle reposessions. Visiting a debtors home should be limited to serving summons and reposessing collateral. I believe taking that any further is asking for unneeded trouble.
  8. The article makes me want to get a second Amex, just to lemonade off Millenials! I think I'll transfer some more auto bill pays this afternoon.
  9. Thats probably because there is no legitimate way to remove a legitimate collection account. In this case, since the account didn't originally report, it was kind of a dirty move by the CA to report it after the fact, however dirty it may it is still legal. I would think a well-written goodwill letter, not a form letter, asking for the account to be deleted is the best action. The OP should indicate he immediately payed as soon as the CA made contact. That and gently pointing out the account wasn't being reported until he paid it will extend his own good will to the CA, and in turn, perhaps they'll extend some back to him. If that doesn't work, might be able to dispute the account as being paid before it was reported, but I don't see how that could be a legitimate grievence. I am not an expert in disputing CA accounts, I've never done it. I've always, honestly, accepted the personal responsibility of my actions, and patiently waited for them to drop off, which they finally did.
  10. releasing my private info despite being forbidden from doing so... profiting off my data.. despite being forbidden to under a freeze . my damages are the volation of my privacy and there is likely a set fine/penalty per offense for violating the FCRA in this way... was just curious what it was. Just out of curiousity, how can you demonstrate you have suffered damages when you, yourself, initiated the request for new credit? Might technially be a violation if the freeze was not honored, but since the inquiry was initiated by your search for new credit, and not resulting from identity theft, I think you would have a hard time convincing a judge that you have been harmed.
  11. I think you probably need more fiber in your diet.
  12. I guess millienials need something new to cry unfairness about. Must be the writer got one less participation trophy than the rest of her classmates.
  13. The price of diesel is up a solid 55 cents from last year. I'm not having trouble pushing $200, and I've only pulled the camper twice so far. I'm expecting to layout $400+ for the next few months.
  14. I think you're looking at things the wrong way here. By paying the debt, you have improved your credit, not so much your score as you know. Look at it this way, if you are applying for a mortgage, an unpaid collection is a deal-breaker, a paid collection, not so much. A manual review of any credit app will look more favorably on paid accounts. Bottom line, you paid the CA, and they're reporting it as such. You did your part, they did theirs. Anything else above and beyond that is icing on the cake. Had you negotiated better terms for yourself before paying, i.e. PFD, you'd be in a stronger bargaining position, and not be asking for any "favor" as you're trying to do now.
  15. Question... Why did you not pursue action through eBays dispute resolution process? eBay likely would have found in your favor, eliminating the need to file a credit card chargeback. The seller wouldn't be able to come after you for payment in the future either as they're subject to eBay's seller guidelines.

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