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  1. To clarify my last comments related to the account numbers; their first letter had account numbers for both Transworld, and Telecheck. The second letter that was dated AFTER they had signed for the certified VOD letter had DIFFERENT account numbers for Transworld and Telecheck. This is where the attempted fraud becomes more evident.
  2. At this point, we're going to send a second letter listing both of the account numbers (theirs, and Telecheck), and putting them on notice that they are in violation of her consumer rights. Also stating they are committing fraud by using different account numbers to circumvent the VOD process. Also filing complaints with FTC and CFPB, as well filing a complaint with the CA A.G. and sending copies to Senators and Congressman serving region. Legaleagle2012, double-checked on the card issue you mentioned. Nothing had been issued or re-issued around that timeframe, so it's anyone's guess. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Burdell, I double-checked with her, and she didn't even shop at this Walmart at the time stated on the first letter from TRS. She has never used a check when shopping there, only debit. She checked her bank register, and had not shopped there for several months before the date they cite in the letter, but even then, it was with a debit card. After receipt of the first letter (TRS in early 2019) she contacted her bank. They had no record of any transaction. One point of clarification: the TRS letter has a bold header stating "NOTICE OF UNPAID ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER", so I was incorrect to state it was a check. On this letter, it has a 'Returned Check Fee' of $25.00, which threw me. Regardless, her bank did not show any transaction, or notice of insufficient funds related to an EFT, or otherwise. Following the initial letter, and after the bank told her they had no record of this, she did nothing. She never heard from TRS again. My assumption is since they did not get a response, they simply sold the account to Transworld Systems. Hope this helps.
  4. Centex, The only fraud affidavit information I can find is for identity theft. Any recommendations?
  5. This letter just came yesterday, so nothing has been done, yet.
  6. Centex, Answers to your questions: 1) She never writes checks, and did not write one to Walmart. 2) Never wrote a check, and also confirmed with her bank when the first letter came from TRS. They have no record of any such transaction or anything related. 3) Never wrote a check. 4) California, but no check was written. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Any thoughts on language or citing of specific violations?
  8. Hello, I am helping my daughter who has received collections notices from two (2) separate agencies for the same alleged debt. One was from TRS Recovery Services in early 2019, and the most recent was Transworld Systems. When she received the initial 2019 letter from TRS, she contacted her bank (this was supposedly for a returned check at Walmart, and their notice listed Telecheck Services as the 'current creditor'). The bank had no record of any such transaction. In January 2020, she received a collection letter from Transworld Systems for the same alleged debt. In this letter, they also claim that Telecheck Services is the creditor. The amount of the alleged debt is the same in letters from TRS and Transworld. A certified letter was sent to Transworld listing the Transworld Systems account number, and the alleged creditor account number. This letter requested a Verification of Debt as prescribed in 15 U.S. Code § 1692g and demanded that all information related to this matter, their ability to collect, and the original creditor information, be sent. We received the Return Receipt (letter was received by Transworld 10-days ago). Today, we received a second letter from Transworld with a NEW account number (for Transworld). There is also a new account number tied to Telecheck Services, but the alleged debt amount is exactly the same. This letter was dated 4-days after they signed for our certified letter, so they are ignoring our demand for a Verification of Debt. My question is, what is the best way to address this issue. They are clearly attempting to extort money since the debt is nonexistent, and are not complying with the FDCPA requirements. I look forward to feedback. Thank you.
  9. Here's my question (a bit of background first): Several years ago (at least 10) I modified my mortgage with GMAC, then the loan was subsequently sold. It was re-sold recently, but the new "owner" has kept the same servicing company. When the loan was modified through GMAC, a sizable chunk was set aside until 2035, when everything would balloon. Credit bureaus were only reporting on the portion we were, and are still paying on. From the beginning when the new servicing company took over, they were reporting two separate accounts (same account numbers, but different statuses). One showed the loan was current and in good standing, and the other had late payments showing. This was artificially keeping my credit scores down. I fought them for well over a year to take corrective steps and remove the inaccurate information (the lates - since the modification took place, there have been no lates, so it was clearly inaccurate). Rather than remove the inaccurate information, they removed both accounts, so no mortgage was being reported whatsoever. This, too, was artificially keeping my credit scores down. I went through months of attempting to get this corrected, and finally found someone at the lender to take steps. At first, only one bureau started reporting. My score with that bureau jumped 40 points overnight. Long story short, it took many, many more months to get Experian to start reporting (I had to send several letters, with the final one threatening legal action). Now, all bureaus are reporting the FULL amount of what is owed, not just the current, active portion. They were originally reporting only the current, active balance until I pushed for Experian to begin reporting. Now all 3 bureaus are reporting the entire balance - current and set aside. The way it appears, it looks like I've added considerable debt or perhaps it is being considered taking a line of credit. I'm not really sure. My scores have dropped 35 points with each bureau even though I have an excellent record of payment. My scores were high before this happened. My question is; is this legal? Can they include the entire lien amount, or are they only supposed to report on the active portion? Again, the set aside part is just sitting and is not accruing interest or requiring payment. Is this actionable against the Lender/Servicer and/or the bureaus? The fact that both Transunion and Equifax have been reporting only the active loan amount for well over a year, and suddenly added the set aside balance seems very odd/fishy. Any information would be appreciated.

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