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  1. On January 22, 2014 I received the installment loan. Creditor says the last reported first delinquency date is listed as June 22, 2014, and the the loan charged off on September 21, 2014 due to nonpayment. Couple years later I started getting letters and calls from IC Systems Inc. I didn’t know if they had purchased the loan or if they were just trying to collect on behalf of the creditor. All the false payments reported to my Experian report for the year of 2016 happened when IC Systems Inc got into the picture and started sending me mail and calling me. We never communicated. I wonder if IC Systems Inc would have access to be able to do something shady like report false information, like reporting that I made payments all of 2016?
  2. Thank you both for your replies. The disputes have been done online and over the phone. I will write hard copy letters to Experian, I just want to make sure I have sufficient proof. I don’t have the creditors company name on a letter stating that last reportedfirst delinquency date is June 2014. All I have is the creditors response to my complaint which does say that the last reported first delinquency date is June 2014 but it’s when I login to the consumerfinance.gov website and view the complaint I put in regarding the creditor. I saved it and submitted it online to Experian and they said “We reviewed the documentation you provided with your dispute, but determined that it was not sufficient to make the changes or deletions you requested”.
  3. I have a personal loan installment account that has misinformation reported in the payment history. All the other credit bureaus removed it from my reports but Experian magically is showing payments made all of 2016 and then it’s showing a charge off in 2017. I put in two disputes and they both didn’t work and the account is still on my report. I filed a complaint with the consumer Financial protection bureau, and the company responded to my complaint and said they have no records of any payments being made in 2016, and that the last reported first delinquency date is June 2014. They also said that this account was properly reported to all credit reporting agencies. Experian won’t manually remove the account. Does anyone know how I can go about getting this removed? This account was also listed in my bankruptcy, but the re-aging and misinformation that was reported on this account was long before I filed. I just want it removed from my Experian report and haven’t haven’t had any luck so far...
  4. They are all long past the SOL. I just dont know if I want to sit for another 2 1/2 to 3 years for them to fall off especially if my grandparents are willing to help settle them which is all dependent upon how much on the dollar that will be accepted from each account buyer This is when I start to think about just filing chapter 7 Are you familiar with the pay for delete? Does that work?
  5. I wish there was a way theyd accept .20 cents on the dollar I know thats just wishful thinking! I dont even know if I would be able to do $.20 on the dollar. If I am able to negotiate any settlement pay off with each of these accounts that would be dependent upon a family member helping me
  6. Hi Bob, Im in CA, all the collection/debt buyer accounts on my reports have been reporting for quite some time (years) and the original grantor of these accounts are still reporting them as charged off and sold with zero balances. All my collections accounts are past the SOL
  7. Thank you Genie, I was thinking more along the lines of one payment to a debt buyer for an account to be settled rather than make payments. I wonder if any debt buyers would be willing to put it in writing that they will remove the account completely if its paid off in one lump sum?
  8. Thank you, I thought possibly there was a way to get a debt buyer to remove their account completely from the bureaus if the account was paid off in one full payment
  9. Hi everyone, The more time I spend looking at my credit reports the more I realize that if someone who doesnt know me was to run my credit, theyd probably look at all these collections accounts and decide right then and there they dont want to do business with me. I have $25,000 in closed collections/debt buyer accounts that are all scheduled to be removed from my credit reports in early 2021. Hypothetically speaking if I was able to come up with finances to settle each debt do you think Id be able to get the debt buyers that own these accounts to take 60% off and also completely remove the entire collection account from each credit bureau? Are there some debt buyers out there that will settle for more than 60% off of the debt??
  10. Thank you cv91915 and Morpheus1967! And shifter and cashnocredit, and everyone of you that have replied, you are all extremely helpful. Its so stressful especially at times when trying to find a place to rent. Later today Im going to post the details of my judgments and see what you all think. So far with the little homework that Ive done regarding vacating a judgment, possibly my disability impairments alone will be grounds for filing a motion to vacate the judgments. Thank you all again very much for your replies and help.
  11. I dont own anything at all and the little I do have is exempt. Its just the thought of having an unsatisfied judgment with the possibility of being renewed is scary What Id really like to do is file a motion to have it vacated or set aside and then contest it. I just dont know what kind of an attorney to talk to. Then again it seems like a chapter 7 would help me majorly especially with the judgments too.. You stated here https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=611974&p=5732684that you weren't properly served on the suits that resulted in the judgments. Are you focusing on that? If I am not going to file chapter 7 then focusing on vacating the judgments will be my main priority. I would just have no idea where to find an attorney and what that would cost. But on the other hand the thought of wiping over a 100K in collections accounts, charged off closed accounts, and judgments would be a lot of weight lifted off of my mind.
  12. I dont own anything at all and the little I do have is exempt. Its just the thought of having an unsatisfied judgment with the possibility of being renewed is scary What Id really like to do is file a motion to have it vacated or set aside and then contest it. I just dont know what kind of an attorney to talk to. Then again it seems like a chapter 7 would help me majorly especially with the judgments too..
  13. Why would you need to file BK if all of your debt is past SOL? Because I dont want to wait 3 yrs for everything to fall off. I dont know how filing chapter 7 can be anymore worse than my current situation
  14. I thought I put it out of my mind since my debt is all passed the statue of limitations and will be falling off my credit reports in three years or less, but now Im starting to think again that filing chapter 7 bankruptcy is my only way out I just dont know what kind of financial advisor or attorney to talk to. I hated the feeling that I had talking to the legal aid at the bankruptcy attorney office last week.
  15. Is it bad to close an unsecured credit account? Do those eventually fall off? Is it even worse if the original grantor closes it while its in good standing and paid as agreed? Do those eventually fall off too?
  16. Thank you IvyMgmt! I was thinking the same thing as far as renting from someone private and possibly offering rent in advance. Like a certain amount of months upfront. But even then owners are skeptical
  17. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach a property management company or potential landlord when trying to rent with bad credit? For the majority of my life Ive had excellent credit and above average paying jobs. I never realized until now that Im in this position just how important good credit is
  18. Thank you everyone for your replies I appreciate it.
  19. Thank you bradk14 and shifter. I guess as long as they are showing a zero balance is the important part I have twenty accounts that will be removed in three years and less. Both charged off/closed and collection accounts. After 7 years can original creditor grantors and debt buyers still try to collect?
  20. I have multiple accounts that are being reported twice, one from the original credit card company which reports a zero balance and the other from the debt buyer which reports a balance I owe them. My question is if I payoff the debt buyer in full, will the original charged off closed account be removed as well as the debt buyer account? Or do both accounts stay on my credit report but they just both will show a zero balance, and then they will bother be removed on the removal date??
  21. How long has Cavalry been reporting the debt? When did they first contact you, attempting to collect it? From the looks of my credit report theyve been reporting for atleast 3 years on accounts that they allegedly purchased. Some of the accounts I have no idea what they are . Theyve never had any contact or correspondence with me. I just thought it was odd that a hard inquiry was pulled, I didnt think it was legal to run a hard inquiry without someones consent.
  22. Cavalry Portfolio Serv, purchased the debt after it was charged off and closed. I was just surprised to see them run a hard inquiry.
  23. Thank you tralston3838, killbadcredit, and cashnocredit I appreciate all of your replies.
  24. Thank you killbadcredit. After thinking it over I really want to stay away from filing chapter 7. My biggest worry is a judgment against me that I had absolutely no idea I even had until recently.
  25. Thank you cv91915 I have TONS and TONS of soft inquires. I was just surprised to see a hard inquiry from a debt buyer
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