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  1. Appreciate any and all ideas. I'm currently paying 75 dollars a month for 5mbs internet. It is the only internet available where I live. Only other option would be some ATT cell type service that only allows 10 gigs per month. We would eat that up in a few days. No to every other option. I'll look into rent assistance I guess. I can't believe no one wants to offer me a loan. I could make some company some sweet interest.
  2. Not yet. I would say I have maybe a month or two left before I sink to being late on some. The actual total of all credit cards amounts to 14. Most have balances around 300, two of them 1000. The minimums range from 20 (Such as Discover) to 36 for Amazon.
  3. By the way, sorry for forgetting to mention-I am in about 5000 dollars credit card debt. If I could get a loan for 5000 with 250 dollar monthly payments I'd be golden. Is there some magical company that would take a chance on me? I'm not worried about duration of loan or interest so much because the alternative would be ruining my credit for a long time to come. I would like to protect it.
  4. I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere but I am in a panic state right now and need some advice. I have gotten myself into trouble after having to move and get settled in to a new place. I am disabled and can afford about 250 a month in payments but my dumb self got into so much credit card debt that I owe about 350 a month just to make minimums. I have applied to just about every debt consolidation company and have been shot down by all of them. Some on the internet look too suspicious to even mess with. I only have 3 negative marks on my credit and those are 5 year old medical bills. Everything else is about 10 lines of credit that show as paid on time. Somehow since my credit is so new and so utilized (100% in most cases) , my credit score is terrible. (580?) Any help would be appreciated as I'm about to just go under water and start losing cards. Thank you. Please go easy on me.
  5. Hello all. I am really sorry if I am repeating what many others have asked but I haven't seen it asked exactly the same. I was finally approved for SSDI in December and have spent the greater part of my settlement trying to clean up my financial life that being disabled and broke for two years has caused. I have almost erased every bad thing on my credit except for some medical bills that happened in 2013. I am now out of money and only make about 1100 a month and that barely allows me a few dollars after rent/utilities/etc. I am unable to pay off these debts. Sadly, about 3-5 months after they were accrued, I was granted Medicaid but it didn't cover old expenses or I didn't apply to. I don't remember. It has been a horrible 4 years for me. I am not that smart and get very fuzzy headed so please pardon my ignorance on this. They are: COLLECTION BUREAU OF FT WALTON BEACH STONEY BROOK EMERGENCY PHYSI 1450.00 03/26/2014 (I think I actually had Medicaid at this point.) 1550.00 12/18/13 1525.00 11/20/13 Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements. (There are actually three entries but I just added the three dollar amounts to the same entry.) I hope someone can help. These three debts are ruining my life. Thank you so much. I apologize if I am too dumb to get this process right based on the guides.
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