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  1. Lets start a non chexsystem credit union thread for 2020......
  2. Centex I spoke with Verizon Wireless and they confirmed it was an account open with them that has since been sold. The JCS (Verizon Wireless) and the CCS (Progressive) accounts are due to fall off 10/2021 The GreenDot Account is listed as Charged Off for $89 and die to falloff 3/2024 What should I do first?
  3. Found it... Should I use your sample letter? Changing all the details of course. Worth mentioning I've never had an account with Verizon but they don't seem to care. Also the Green Dot secured card contains a ARB agreement should i shoot them a letter as well?
  4. The SOL is 5 yrs in Illinois....... DOFD is within 5 years on both the GreenDot and Jefferson Capital System. The CCS account is outside the SOL.
  5. Greeting CB family. straight to the point, I'm looking to purchase my first home within the next 6 month. But I currently have 3 negative accounts listed on my credit report. I tried disputing 2 of the 3 accounts online with the big 3, a year ago with no success. Here are the accounts: 1. GreenDot Bank (Secured Card) Open: 1/4/2017: Date updated: 6/19/2018 Last payment: 3/11/2017 Status: Charged Off Balance: $89 -- I requested to have this account closed in March 2017. But the account was never closed and a annual fee was charged which represent the balance you see. How do i dispute this with Greendot Bank? They are the worse people to deal with. Sample letter(s)? 2. Credit Collection Servic Placed for collection: 9/4/2014 Date updated: 10/25/2019 Balance: $239 -- This is a old debt from Progressive insurance that I believe I owe. This account is due to be deleted 10/2021. Last i checked Progressive still owns this debt and even was willing to take payment for it over the phone. So should I pay this directly to Progressive? And will CCS have to automatically delete this account sense I will be paying Progressive directly? The amount owed make this worth not fighting over, plus having this negative collection account off my report is worth $239. What do you guys think i should do? 3. Jefferson Capital System Placed for collection: 8/1/2017 Date updated: 12/26/2019 Balance: $1,520 -- These people are the devil, they claim to own a debt they purchase from Verizon wireless. I've never had an account with Verizon wireless. i tried disputing this online, but it came back verified. They act like they want to help me get this account removed but want me to fill out identity theft forms. I'm not doing that until they show me proof this account even exist. How do I send certified debt validation letters to them? Does anyone have a sample letter? Should that be my next step? Any and all replies will be helpful.
  6. Update Waufair: Approved; $2500 to $4000. Took literally 2 seconds to approve. When can I request another increase? I recall reading somewhere u can logout and sign back in and request another increase, is this true? Should I try HSN?
  7. I've had My Wayfair, Hsn and Victoria Secret accouns for 1 yr and 6 months and no auto cli on any of those accounts. I'm not familiar with the luv button but to be clear if I click the "request credit increase" button it won't result in a hp? When I click that button it's requesting my annual income is that normal?
  8. Thanks Marv! I love my new car. I still can't believe I have it. #Bless I'll update this thread once I make my principal payment. I did read a few negative complaints about Ally but I'm hoping those are isolated incidents. So far Ally is a winner in my book 👍
  9. It's official!!! Ally Financial Approved my loan. I picked up my new car May 10 didn't want to post anything until I knew for sure the contract/loan had been funded. Account is now showing on my Ally online profile. Loan amount: $39,200 APR: 8.34% 72 payments No Docs Required I paid sale taxes out of pocket and I also did a trade. Was this snart? I plan to have this baby paid off in 24 payments. Ally principal payments structuring is a bit confusing. My payments are $697 a month if I pay my loan up for the remainder of this year, will I avoid finance charges for said month? I was also told that if I make a payment that I want applied to the principal I would need to call and request that it be reallocated to principal balance.
  10. Thanks! I'll reach out to them Monday. Have setup arrangement. Do you choose the repayment amount?
  11. Did she tell you they will deduct money from your account? I had a past balance from a old account with a bank that BOA took over. What number can I call and make arragements?
  12. Marv: OMG.. I was able to create a online account using the last four digits of my ssn, date of birth and vehicle vin #. And guess What? I was able to pull up my account that shows my account number and the loan amount. There's a due date listes but no amount due. Is this Good? I'm assuming since June 25th is over 30 days out, that explains why no amount is listed yet.

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