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  1. I was able to open a business Checking account with Radius Bank. I applied online, upload my articles of organizations and I.D. Received a email this morning requesting I remove the security freeze on Equifax, that it’ll only be a “soft” pull for identification purposes. 2 hours later I received a Congratulations email. Radius has a main branch in Boston but they are mainly a online bank. This account has great features including the option to deposit at shared branch on the MoneyPass network. Will update after 30 days of the account being open. I believe I’m on Chexsystem and EWS nothing within the last 4 years. Maybe that’s why. I also have accounts with the 2 big banks.
  2. No I have not, both accounts have perfect payment histories, which is why I’m upset their not reporting to Equifax.
  3. My student loan payments were in forbearance for a while last year, now I’m back to making my regular scheduled payments but I notice none of my accounts with Navient are showing up on my Equifax credit report. I called Navient they told me to send all credit reporting issues to a snail address..... Does anybody know what else I can do, to get them to report to Equifax?
  4. No, I sent a letter threatening Arbitration Via certified mail.
  5. UPDATE: Jefferson Capital System (Verizon) got DELETED 😭😭😭😭 @pacemaker67 Hallelujah thank you. Will I receive a letter from them stating it’s been deleted? Or should I call and ask for one, or just leave it alone?
  6. This provision is listed in my cardholders agreement, what does this means? Am I required to pay the initial filing fee? **Arbitration Fees. If you initiate arbitration, the Bank will advance any arbitration fees, including any required deposit. If the Bank initiates or elects arbitration, the Bank will pay the entire amount of the arbitration fees, including any required deposit. Notwithstanding any provision of this arbitration provision or the rules and procedures of the arbitration administrator, the Bank will be responsible for payment and/or reimbursement of any arbitration fees to the extent that such fees exceed the amount of the filing fees you would have incurred if your Claim had been brought in the state or federal court nearest your residence with jurisdiction over the Claims.
  7. Haven’t heard back from JCS (Verizon wireless) yet. But I’m speaking on the Green Dot charge off acct? They sent a generic letter stating blah blah account is valid. Balanced owe.
  8. Update: GD sent a letter stating account information is valid and $89 is still owed. These people are nuts. At this point how should I proceed? Arbitration or cpfb? Im tired of dealing with them.
  9. Community Wide mailed me a app many years ago, but I never mailed it back. Might give them a try.
  10. Lets start a non chexsystem credit union thread for 2020......
  11. Centex I spoke with Verizon Wireless and they confirmed it was an account open with them that has since been sold. The JCS (Verizon Wireless) and the CCS (Progressive) accounts are due to fall off 10/2021 The GreenDot Account is listed as Charged Off for $89 and die to falloff 3/2024 What should I do first?
  12. Found it... Should I use your sample letter? Changing all the details of course. Worth mentioning I've never had an account with Verizon but they don't seem to care. Also the Green Dot secured card contains a ARB agreement should i shoot them a letter as well?
  13. The SOL is 5 yrs in Illinois....... DOFD is within 5 years on both the GreenDot and Jefferson Capital System. The CCS account is outside the SOL.

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