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  1. OK, CB experts, I have a question about the reliability of MyFico (MYF) and Experian (EXP) simulator tools. If there is a different forum or place to ask this, please let me know. Background I currently use both MYF and EXP to watch my credit. Both appear reliable on their predictions. Our 15 accounts have a line >250K, our utilization is low (<6%), and file is old and clean. Both MYF and EXP tools are indicating that in 10 months, my score could reach 845. The 845 score simulations show that my path to 845 is gated by both age and amount of credit. Aging: Over the next 10 months, I have 5 INQs that age off, and 1 card that reaches 1 year of age. Amount: We did 2 large purchase that we could pay down immediately, but both are on 0 APR, so there is little financial motivation to do so. We also have a small ($25K) mortgage that we need to wait for promotional reasons until August (long story, but not material) to pay off. Question Have any of you fellow CB experts found these simulators reliable, or only suggestive?
  2. BigPoppa, 85K is a BigNumba. On BOA, no less. I have hope for the future... Congrats to you!
  3. Since BOA was not ready for a CLI, I tried Citi. 25K -> 35K DoubleCash. One of our very active cards, so this does help. Providing a 4506 with Amex, and then apping for a Amex Platinum. Wishing for a way to get the 100K SUB... Might do the GSA (GoldmanSachsApple) card later this year. Thanks for all the help from CB pros. You have helped me transform from credit turd to credit nerd.
  4. Thanks MP. Will advise CBers once I see and try the link.
  5. Looking for insights on BOA behavior. 7 month old card with 15K line. Using it hard (60% utilization now) as it is 0 APR. How does BOA consider, weigh and approve CLIs? My file is old (oldest account >20Y, average age > 8Y), clean (100% payment history, no derogs or negatives), and thick (>20 accounts, 15 active, 6 with CLs over 20K, 4 with modest (300-3K) balances) and low overall utilization (<6%). I am not yet seeing a CLI request link active, which suggests that I am not eligible for a CLI. Is no CLI option more likely due to my BOA card age or utilization? Is a call to them advisable or garden for a while? Thanks in advance
  6. Thank for your detail and diligence on compiling and reporting this the CB community. Super. Helpful.
  7. Hello fellow CBers, I searched but did not find a thread on this matter, yet I think that is an item of interest. During travel earlier this year, our flight was canceled due to a weather issue. We used a Chase card to book the flight that included trip delay and trip cancellation coverage (I believe our other Chase, Citi and Amex cards have this coverage as well). The reimbursement process was a painful paper chase. It did take weeks to resolve, but we finally received approval that our claim of nearly $400 was approved. While we have no check in hand, it appears that we will receive a payment. It is the first time we've ever submitted such a claim, and it was a pleasant surprise to have it covered and to get reimbursed. My lesson learned was: book your travel with a card that has trip cancellation and trip delay coverage, and use your CC for everything possible when you travel so you have ready and defensible records should you need them. It could be well worth your while.
  8. Did a product change from Citi AA Platinum (95 AF, and we simply weren't using it often enough) to Citi DoubleCash. Retained 18K CL - will be doing a CLI in a few weeks. CitiDC has nice suite of protection benefits beyond the 2% back (recently got Alliant CU 3% card, which will become our daily driver for many purchases). Also, got Amazon Visa offer of 3% cash back on travel between now and 12/31. Continue to watch CVs posts (Thank you again CV for providing real use case info...extremely helpful and enlightening!) comparing Amex Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve to help us pick which way we go.
  9. American Express BCP Approved $20K. Had to call in and give simple ID answers. Amex BCP bumped from $20K-> $30K at 60 days. They wanted 4506-T for anything more. We will revisit after 6 months. Eric, congrats on new lines. All, what is the calculation (CL as a % of gross income?) that CCCs / credit grantors generally use (I imagine that each has their own specific rules) before requesting/requiring a 4506?
  10. Milwaukee
  11. The card I'm after is the Uber Barclays card. I don't "need" the card so to speak - but their perks and rewards system would save me a decent chunk of change each month, which is nice. I haven't asked Discover for a CLI yet, but they did just bump me from $1200 to $1700 without me asking, because I'm "so responsible" or something. I've only had the card since October. Go figure. I requested a CLI with CapOne a month or two ago, and they bumped me from 1000 to 1100, and just this week they bumped me from 1100 to 1600 - but I didn't ask for that one. Chase, I haven't looked into yet, beyond visiting their webpage and being led to a page that said "there's no current offers for a CLI" for me. Maybe if I call them, but it might be best to wait a bit longer. Thanks for the advice! I'll keep working on trying for more CLIs as time passes. Do you find cards that start small tend to cap out small? At some point, should I expect my CLIs on these cards to be more than $100-500 a pop, or will I need to explore bigger and better cards? Hey MB, welcome to CB. While you stated you wanted the Uber card, I would suggest that you DON'T want the Uber card. I got it last year. My scores are all over 800. 200K in overall lines. Overall utilization is consistently under 9%, and usually under 3%. Despite all that, Barclays Uber card is my lowest credit limit ($2K). They want to do a hard pull to increase it. Customer service is substandard. Perks are nice, but not exceptional, and nothing you can't get elsewhere. I've found Barclays to be a difficult company to work with. Given your scores and the limits that you have now, they may not be willing to grant you a card, and if so, it may turn out to be your lowest limit card. Not sure the juice of benefits from them is worth the squeeze of apping and trying to work with them... One man's opinion. YMMV.
  12. That's an adult set of cards already. But who am I to discourage the relentless pursuit of excess? Coming from a pro like you, thank you. To borrow an expression from my DW, "...'tis better to have and not need than to need and not have..." Your remark on "pursuit of excess" got me to reexamine my true motivation - quite helpful. We have and do work hard - as it sounds as do you as well with your extensive travel schedule - and our goal is to be able to fully capitalize on unique opportunities. Capital, credit - combined with strong analysis and discretion - help enable us to do so. I'll reframe "pursuit to excess" to "capacity to capitalize." That said, perhaps its simply old wine in a new bottle. Our utilization is most often <5%, but we have busted 40% utilization on a card several times when it's made sense to do so. Appreciate your kinds works and gentle teasing. It is helpful to have adult limits, for sure. Five days ago I had no idea that I'd need to put a $10k charge on my Aviator MasterCard to replace our HVAC system. I got that news since my last reply. Last week it was a $1,400 water heater for our other house. Plus work travel and regular monthly expenses. And there is plenty of cushion left. Side note/rant: the Aviator statement will close in 2.5 weeks with a balance over $20k ($45k limit), and if I call Barclays for a CLI next month they'll tell me "not enough usage on the card." Barclays is a PITA - not sure if it's a British thing or what. Stingy on limits (except for you...) and their website drives me nuts. Constantly forgets my password. I'll type the precise same thing twice in a row. Won't accept my PW the first time I type it, then accepts it on the second attempt. Tried it multiple times. Only site with a problem... I don't consider $45,000 to be particularly generous for my profile. This card has my 9th highest limit on a single card and won't go higher, despite regular, healthy use. Plus it only got to $45,000 because I had other Barclays cards that I combined/closed. For the love of nougat, I have a $57,000 limit on my subprime Discovery IT, which I only use for a $2 Amazon gift card once a month. CV, something you said here, along with others posts I've seen by others previously cause me to ask: the $2 Amazon gift card...do you have programmed spend on your low use cards just to keep them active? DW and I have ~20 cards between us. Most are 0. I've recently rethought my card use strategy such that I'll have only 3 routine use cards: Amex BCP for groceries (6% CB), Amazon Visa for my Amazon addiction (5% CB), and an Alliant for everything else aside from travel and points earning opportunities. Simplifies payment management and maximizes value. Now we want to keep all others active. To you and the CB pros, is there a specific periodic or routine spend management process that you've found that keeps the CC companies happy (keeps account open, active, and keeps them likely to do routine CLIs?
  13. Congratulations, to both of you!!! Thanks Kat. Congrats Althes

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