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  1. SMH at Amex. Had a 55K BCE card. Was approved for Amex Bonvoy with 35K CL. Problem is, they took 20K of it from my BCE. 350K in total CL. Never late, no derogs and income is not an issue. Unsure if my new mortgage frightened them (70% equity). Can someone explain? What am I not seeing. Over 100K CL with Chase...
  2. They were stingy with me as well. When I initally applied, they indicated they would perform a CLI review at 3 months. Then they claimed 6 months. Then 1 year. Finally 31 days after first year, they raised me $4K. 800s across all 3 bureaus. No lates or derogatory marks. Blah blah blah. Apparently they feared inquiries from me asking Chase for a CLI. Whatever.
  3. Picked up Amex Bonvoy travel card. $40K CL, 450/yr. 200 SUB dining credit was nice. We are aligned with Marriott, so 300/yr in Marriott credits, a (another) free night/yr, incentives to visit Ritz and St Regis properties, Priority Pass Select (does not include Centurion lounges like @cv91915 gets to enjoy), renewal of my Global Entry, and very good travel insurance coverage makes the math of owning this card free for our use. Beautifully presented welcome kit. Attractive designed metal card with heft.
  4. $5K-$10K CLIs on BOA, Citi, Amex and Chase. Still shopping for my next card...last year was a low travel year (like the rest of the world I suppose). This year will be 6+ personal trips (business trips v zoom = ???). We dine out a lot. Aside from Amex Centurion, any great suggestions that we may not know of?
  5. Update: All points returned after spend spree (not really all that fun, only an expensive new roof). 5 INQs age out in the next 60 days across TU and EX (both 800 now), and a new account turns 12 mo old in Mar, so I expect additional points and have all 3 bureaus in the 825-810 range. Still trailing you @hegemony and @cv91915
  6. Thanks, Hege, they clearly like your profile more than mine. Payment posted, statement gets cut in 2 days, hits the bureaus 1-2 days later. I will post the results (hoping and expecting to get all 25 back). Ready to app for Chase Sapphire for the 80K
  7. Update to my question regarding the score impact of a large purchase: We recently put a $40K purchase (home improvement project) on our $50K CL Citi card. I knew my 810 score would take a hit. I was unsure how much of a score decrease would occur. We wanted to take advantage of the interest free financing for 40 days. (For the record, a $40K CC purchase is a record for us. By a long shot. Also, for the record, I called Citi to let them know of the purchase in advance. The agent with whom I spoke did not break a sweat, FWIW.) The impact: 25 points. That is a
  8. Citi +10 K CLI. Used it for home improvements. Card usage up to 45K. Total across all cards at 60K. gulp! Actually, had planned to use the card vs cash. Will have all of it paid before next cycle. It will be interesting to see if Citi or anyone else says or responds in any way. I am ready for score to drop. Question is by how much. I will report
  9. 14->50 does indeed sound like a HR. Hope you score! Our (DW) CitiCostco has been stuck at 9K. I have 4 cards >40K CK. CitiCostco is our 2nd lowest CL next to Kohls. I only keep due to it's old account age.
  10. Thanks. I am a fan of triples in baseball, in investment returns, but not of INQs. That said.. I began reading your posts about 2.5 years ago once I found this board. I recall chuckling when reading your remarks that INQs did not matter. At the time, your advice sounded contrary to my understanding. I had an irrational fear of taking INQs. Upon researching the matter further, I have indeed found that while INQs do count, in the larger scope of FICO scoring, INQs matter little. I now have little concern about taking INQs for the right cards. As a consequence
  11. Conrgrats CV. Did C1 charge TAD with a triple INQ for the privilege?
  12. Hello pretty, Regarding INQs, I too tried to avoid them like the plague (or COVID). Here is some perspective: FICO scores have 5 key ingredients: -Payment history - 35% of your score -Amount of debt - 30% of your score -Length of credit - 15% of your score -Types of credit - 10% of your score -New credit - 10% of your score FICO*8 uses a 300-850 point range. Hard to score a 300. Harder yet to score an 850. The 850-300=550 total points you can earn. Applying that to each of the ingredient categories: -Payment history - 35% of your
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