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  1. I apologize! You're correct and I appreciate you pointing it out. For once my overload at work pays off because I haven't had any time to actually do anything regarding this. I will send the HIPPA dispute right now. Thank you again!
  2. Sorry for the delayed response! Work has been crazy! Thank you for your reply. I will start with the attorney.
  3. My son was in a horrific car wreck on 01/04/2013 (survived though thank you Lord. He was 13.) I have a bill on my report from 08/2013 which I assume was from a follow up dr's visit? Regardless, it did take a year before insurance settled with us and all bills should have been taken care of before we ever got any personal reimbursement (which to my understanding, this did happen). His insurance coverage is provided by his dad (we're divorced) so even assuming this bill hasn't been paid, shouldn't it be billed to his father? Not sure what to do here. **Also, how to I include a screen shot with my post?**
  4. Yes. On Feb 13, 2018 he was.
  5. I am desperate for any help. I live in GA. In 2006 my brother cosigned a car loan for me. A year later, I lost my job and the car. I remember getting notice that the car was sold and we'd still owe a certain amount... Fast forward to February 2018, and he just got notice that his wages are going to be garnished. Is there anything I can do? Where do I start in tackling this. Id pay it all off if I could but I can't.

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