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  1. There is no tax benefit to saving your 529 to pay for loans -- best to just use the 529 to pay tuition directly. http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2010/12/08/use-plan-pay-college-loans-1256295536/
  2. How is this legal... I think discriminating against pregnancy status is like discriminating against race or sexuality.
  3. People are being hard on the OP, because instead of asking for ideas to help him better manage money or pay his loans, he is saying he simply wants to flee the country to avoid the debt. My advice: look into setting up extended repayment or income-contingent repayment.
  4. Have you tried an app-o-rama to build up some more available credit?
  5. From my training from the front-end cashiers at KMart: "If the card is not signed, ask for ID." "If it is a Debit card, no ID is needed." "If they say Credit, ask to see the card. If its not signed, ask to see ID." Of course, i just dont do any of that if a manager is not around. Im still feeling out the store. my job is too easy to lose. TOO many people will work in this present environment. If i go anonymous, do you want the Store location/ Store #/ Store ID #? Nobody has given me an issue so far, though i have gotten a few looks. AND i had to show my ID to a chasier as a customer. Pam made good point about the Visa/MC contracts, apparently American Express you CANT use the card unless the signed name on the back and credit receipt matches the front. I apologize for just now seeing this, i work again in a few days and this isnt "Trade Secrets" so im just doing what im told, and happy to relate. - Your Anonymous KMart/Sears Holdings Corp. Employee. AmEx cards are not transferable, so if the signature is not of the cardholder on the front of the card it shouldn't be accepted. With Visa/MasterCard, though, a Code 10 might need to be put in in that event.
  6. MasterCard coverage will cover "loss of use," however it requires a fleet utilization log which can be a major pain to get from the car rental company. You may have to escalate and insist that no payment can be made without the substantiation.
  7. My protocol when there is a surcharge is to file a dispute with the credit card company afterwards. It has always led to a refund of the fee, and in some cases the entire charge. http://consumerist.com/2010/11/shop-charges-50-fee-for-credit-card-purchases-under-10.html
  8. I think MasterCard and Visa also require you put the whole thing on that card.
  9. Condoms are not an age restricted item. 8-year-olds can go buy them at Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc. Outrageous would be giving the trick-or-treaters little bottles of rum or cigars.
  10. Best list I have seen: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/milesbuzz/1132030-q4-2010-car-rental-bonus-promos.html
  11. Some companies are giving interest rate deductions or bonuses for going paperless. Direct Loans gives a .25% interest rate cut, for example.
  12. What if the kids were going to file taxes at the end of the year and declare the income?
  13. A crime was committed: littering... if the police refuse to file a report, say you're turning yourself in for littering your own credit report on the ground accidentally.
  14. If you get the Square payment device for Android or iPhone, you could make a lot of money on this. (Charge your whole credit limit using Square... money goes to Square [will be held a few days] then goes to your bank account, minus a 2.75% fee. You use this money to pay the bill in full, and then you get 5% in cash rewards for a 2.25% gain.) www.squareup.com
  15. Not accepting American Express will cost you sales, but no where near the amount of sales you will lose from not taking any credit cards or not taking Visa/MasterCard. American Express does carry higher interchange rates, but they also often lead to higher and more sales. Additionally, many businesses use American Express for their procurement and will go to a vendor that takes American Express, meaning if you don't take it, you lose. I know that on the business side of things, many people who do purchasing will ask if the place takes [insert their corporate card brand here], and if the answer is "no," they move on to another vendor. This is a reason, too, why all major U.S. airlines, hotels, and car rental places take American Express, as do many internationally. If Hilton decided to not take AmEx, businesses that use AmEx and used Hiltons before would likely start booking with Marriott or Sheraton/Starwood instead. As to "card member dissatisfaction," this exists with all credit cards. If the goods/services you get aren't as advertised, you can file a chargeback to get your money refunded when the merchant refuses to do it themselves. On the flip side... why is it that Discover is less widely accepted than American Express? Their interchange rates are the lowest out there, plus they allow minimums. Another interesting thing... some processors charge flat rates regardless of card, primarily in low-volume settings. Square, for example, charges 2.75% + $0.15/transaction for AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

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