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  1. Thanks macuser, !! Repost from an other thread, courtesy of macuser... nope, but there is a discount offer open to all at macdill credit union web site: https://www.econsumer.equifax.com/consumer/...orderSource=MAC you can also do a search on here as there was a thread recently for this macdill offer. I used this link and paid $8.00 for the basic credit report instead of $15.00 !!!
  2. nope, but there is a discount offer open to all at macdill credit union web site: https://www.econsumer.equifax.com/consumer/...orderSource=MAC you can also do a search on here as there was a thread recently for this macdill offer.
  3. This helped alot !!! Thanks. I paid $ 8.00 instead of $15.00 !!!
  4. http://www.federalreserve.gov/boarddocs/rp...spute200608.pdf Shows what TransUnion will do during dispute...etc.
  5. Screwedbysears, I forgot to mention that Equifax says the creditor responded to the dispute on 03/09. So from 02/05 (their official investigation date) to 03/09 that's about 34 days. I do agree with what you said. I've read some posts were people have said to go ahead and dispute using something other than "not mine", I guess I just still feel weird about admitting its mine.
  6. So of course, I WENT TO THE WEBSITE AT EQUIFAX: http://www.equifax/fcra and requested a copy of my credit report due to credit denial, employment denial etc... to get the turn around time for disputes reverted back to 30 days. Until then my credit report shows a big fat PAID COLLECTION and my crdt score is still 15 pts lower. (ooooh i was soo close to hitting the 600 fico club). I suppose it's better than what was reporting prior but DANG! So close to getting this off my CR. I guess I have no choice but to start the stupid process over again. I'll wait 2 weeks and then I'll do a blanket dispute for this and a few other items. What a nightmare..
  7. Thanks cowboy974, Unbelievable!!! I got a letter back from Equifax which said that they could not remove the repo. "Adverse items on your credit report which have been paid in full must remain on your credit report for 7 years". I'm FUMING and so I immediately contacted Equifax and they told me that they will not be removing this tradeline even though it took longer than 30 days. They said it was because I requested the "annual free credit report" back in August of 2005!!" I said WHAT?!!! I understand that it is a 45 day dispute period for getting your CR from the freeannual site but this is ridiculous. It has been MORE THAN 1 year since I requested that stupid thing. They said that unless you request another free credit report using issues such as credit denial, insurance denial or employment denial then they are going to continue to use the 45 day turn around time. By this time I WAS FUMING MAD. ...I kept trying to play stupid. I told them I had been declined credit for a car loan and I had obtained a credit report shortly after. True, (b/c I was disputing some other things and equifax sent a standard reply and copy of CR). They said that this won't fly. They said that the credit report would have to be issued specifically b/c of a decline reason. They offered to refer me to a manager. I held for 20 minutes and then THE LINE HUNG UP. I HATE, HATE, HATE, EQUIFAX!!!
  8. JVF4812, I have searched but I didn't see a lot of specifics when someone had a successful pay for deletion. Whenever someone asked about PFD all I saw is that people would respond with did you DV or 1-2 punch? credtcredo, thanks for your response. I most definitely, 1-2 punched and contacted BBBs and Attorney General and still this stuff sticks like glue.
  9. I waited a few days to see if things would change. Nothing happened so, I had to get on the phone with Equifax. Equifax said that they got the verification back that this debt was mine. LUCKILY!!!! I HAD MY CM Copy from when I sent the blanket dispute. The date I sent my letter was late jan. But equifax's reply wasn't until EARLY MARCH!!! Of course I brought up the fact that the OC has taken longer than 30 days to respond to a dispute. The cust. srvc. rep w/ equifax kept saying, "oh it takes a 2-3 days for processing then we count the 21-30 day period." It was like talking to a robot. I kept telling her that even with the additional 2-3 days (which isn't listed in FCRA) the OC STILL TOOK LONGER THAN 30 DAYS!!! Then she tried to open a new confirmation number.. you know how that goes they get another 30 days to verify!! I said ooooh noo you're not!!! I told them not to even think about opening up a new confirmation number. I told them to delete this item b/c the first verification was not confirmed within 30 days. All the rep. said was call back in 2 bus. days so that we can refer this to a manager. So I called back yesterday and they said that they had DIDN'T SEE ANY RECORD and that i'd have to wait 2-3 MORE days so that they can "investigate this". We'll see what happens. Cross your fingers that this thing finally gets D-E-L-E-T-E-D!!!!
  10. Ok guys here's an update. After I sent whychat's letter it said that the OC will not be pursuing any outstanding balance after the repo and my CR would reflect this. (Boy were they tellin' the truth.) I went ahead and sent the blanket dispute on the repo to EQ. EQ responded back saying that the repo was verified but now it shows paid collection which brought my fico down 15 pts.
  11. You may need to read whychat's page for an answer to that. From my own experience my debt was still held by the OC so I only had to send 1 letter to the OC and 1 letter to the dealership.
  12. I also had a vehicle repo'd in 2003. Regardles of the reason please visit whychat's website at : http://whychat.5u.com/repoltr.html and send this letter. I sent this letter last month and the OC deleted this from my credit report within weeks!!
  13. the whychat letter worked for me..i think. At the very least the CRA has changed the status from balanced owed to paid collection. The whychat letter might even work better for you since they may not have the original information from the former financier.

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