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  1. If you patiently waited 4 years they would break out the streamers and kazoos!!
  2. Yes call today. You were right. I called, and I am glad I did. They were about to shred my app. She said I can deny you or approve you today. I said great! She immediately asked what job I did, I said I ran a glass shop. Asked for how long, 3 years. Asked income. Then, she said my oldest card was 14 months, and before this nothing since 2003 (old paid off student loan I guess).. anyway, she wanted to know why the gap. I said I never had a need for credit until my son was born 2 years ago, now I want a mortgage. She told me they didnt like that I have no true history. I said I understood a
  3. No, I sure didnt. Should I not wait and call today? It would only be a verification or a denial right?
  4. This thread is so right on. I have no clue why anyone would pitch for MF.. I joined CB because it is still the best, and I am in no way a forum guy. Been kicked off more automotive forums that I can count, everyone is an expert and hate being told what time it is.. luckily I am not an expert in credit. Love this forum. F the MF in the A, all they do is egg on whatever the OP wants deep down.. if that makes sense. Seems like a conflict of interest as well...
  5. The wife does not get the thrill.. I do. Today I got the itch.. apped for the Barclan Ring - 775 TU.. 7-10 day. Hmm.. Instant approved on the "BBVA Rewards" card the new one.. pre-authorized mail twice so I did it. 10,000.. 769 Experian, no loans, no mortgage, 14 month history. Highest card before was 10k walmart store card, followed by wells fargo cash why at 4500.. expected 2,000.. happy. Was high enough on this to make a move on.. AMEX Cash Magnet.. instant approval for 10,500. Experian got worn out today. 4 inq on exp now.. The wife couldnt care less haha..
  6. I applied for this lil guy today.. instant for 10,500. Dont know why.. just had a hunch and put my booger hook on the trigger.. worked out. Oldest card 14 mo, no baddies.. biggest limit is walmart store card for 10,000.. no loans.. no nothing reallh.. im laughing still.. experian only hit and was at 769. Hilarious!
  7. https://youtu.be/t3jKtjgRZQY <- EXPLICIT LYRICS - FOR SOME.. Just dont have the kids around, please. If you even click it... (from a parent..) ^^^ That was me, I guess I never really cared, figured I would die by 30. Never thought Id see 31, of course I did annnnd of course I did not want to die... Started out with the standard Cap1 $300 jobber fresh out of high school.. had no advice from the ol' bonafied, 850 FICO, 3 Bureau, Legit, Daddy. Maxxed out, cut, paid, Maxxed out, cut, paid, Maxxed out, cut, paid... then Maxxed out, not paid. F it. OOOPSY Saw no need for credit after
  8. Nice to see a well planned spread like this. Kudos.. FICOmmie WACKIN!
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