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  1. I already had *d. My MSD is 1998 and reports as such on my credit reports. My husband is an AU and also has a MSD of 1998 on his login screen. However, the AU reports 2013 on his reports. If he qualifies for his own card in January, will it keep his MSD of 1998 and do you think it will report as 1998 on his reports?
  2. I would just try disputing again as obsolete. Those are pretty old.also it would probably help her to add a couple more revolving lines. How old is the revolving line and what is the utilization? Who is it with?
  3. Check out a personal loan.I'm working on one from lending club right now 7.14%. They soft pull and give you a rate. A 3 yr is much cheaper rate. Even if you just did one card the lower util would prob bump your score enough to get some better bt cards.
  4. Op... How high were your other limits prior to this app? Anyone know the Cli policy? I searched but really can't find anything.
  5. Eq had not been good for me on obsoletes. Ime tu and exp will delete much earlier. I disputed one like the month before and they "verified"and then right after that it aged off.
  6. I don't get how experian gets away with this crap. If for instance, they investigated 2 years ago, and then the tl gets updated with new crap, how can they refuse to again. Utterly ridiculous and cfpb needs to stop this.
  7. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. I think I filed on the weekend and had a reply on Monday. Very fast!
  8. The bbb will get them off in about 48 hours. Google for a thread on the process. It may have been on another site but it works like a charm!
  9. How often can you reassign your categories on a US Bank Cash Plus?
  10. 5% off at Amazon - why wouldn't you use it???
  11. Worked for me with corporate account from the 90s. But when I asked, I just mentioned I was originally a member in 199x.... didn't specifically remind them it was a corporate card.
  12. I've been around this board for years and years and I've learned so much. Still made mistakes along the way but finally think I have it together. I think I take for granted how much I've learned here. It's amazing when I talk to friends in general about credit and they nothing about utilization or soft vs hard pull etc. Much less about back door numbers, effects of inquiries, etc. Most people are extremely ignorant about how credit works.

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