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  1. I would purchase a brand new vehicle with the left over money. A local dealership has Terrains and Acadias priced under $30k AWD. Not the same class as the Tahoe by any means.... but brand new
  2. I will have plenty to pay off other loans and another vehicle and have a down payment. My question is specific to the upside down vehicle.
  3. I have 4 cards that are paid off. One with a $200 limit one with a $500 limit one with a $500 limit and one with a $1000 limit I was planning on paying all cards off except the ones with the highest balances. My reasoning behind that was to use the snowball effect to pay those off within a few months. My overall utilization will go down to 46%
  4. I purchased it when it had 27k miles. It was a corp. lease and had a front end accident at 1,100 miles. (air bag deployed) other than that, there is an ongoing issue that the dealer cannot seem to find....
  5. What is the utilization sweet spot?
  6. MarvBear, what is your reasoning? That was my first instinct as well, but I am curious as to the professional opinion. Thanks
  7. OP, did you do a PFD? I have the exact same situation.
  8. I will be selling my house and buying another home within the next few months. I have quite a bit of equity and one of the things I want to pay off is my auto loan. $37,500 balance @13% interest (a last min, weekend, stupid decision, traded in another Tahoe that only had 3.3%) 54 months left (2015 Tahoe with 80k miles.) I drive about 20k a year Payment is $933/mo The car was recently valued at $22,500 Fair price at a dealer. Private Party is a bit higher at around $25-26k. My question is if I have a pool of $38,000 that I'm going to use so I no longer have a car payment: Should I sell it private party (to get more money) and pay the difference then pay cash for a new vehicle? Sell PP for $26,000. I pay $11,500 to pay off the lein then use the remainder $26,500 for a new vehicle. Should I trade it in and purchase a new car from a dealer and simply put $38k down which will include rollover payoff? Should I sell it private party, pay the difference but buy a $20k vehicle Sell PP for $26k, pay $11,500 to pay lein and ONLY buy a $20k vehicle Keep $6,500 Pay off the loan and keep the vehicle?
  9. Balances: 374.82 @22.9% 537.07 @16.2% (account closed by creditor) 863.62 @28.2% 987.95 @23.9% 996.27 @30% 973.81 @26.5% 1167.70 @16.5% 1893.19 @30% 1982.85 @24.2%
  10. I have about $9400 in CC Debt. I'm looking to increase my score rapidly. I've paid off 4 cards the past year by using zero based budgeting. I've recently come into a free $5k and plan on using it to pay off $5k in CC Debt. My question is should I simply pay the lowest balance cards with the $5k then continue to pay extra on the remaining $4k and get those paid off in 8 months ? OR Do I pay down each card to a certain utilization? I'm looking for the biggest impact to my credit score as far as utilization. I have an old DirectTV bill that recently went into collection and on my credit report (with-in the last 30-days). I plan to attempt a pay for delete on that.
  11. Nothing is on his CR, they just send Collection letters, etc.
  12. Dh just rec'd another letter from Jefferson Capital regarding an old AT&T credit card account. I do have statements that go up to 2002. From what I can tell that is the newest statement. It was so long ago, I honestly do not remember when the last payment was made, but I'm pretty sure its within 3 years of 2002. Ironically, I also found the same company also trying to collect on the same debt 4 years ago. How can I make this go away?

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