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  1. I would like to apply for a VA Loan for a home, but I also need to refinance my auto loan. Last August I purchased a truck and at the time my credit was pretty low. I got the vehicle and my FICO 8 was 590, fast forward to now and I have paid off debt, I have gad a collection deleted from my credit and I have had no late payments in 12 months. My FICO 8 score now is a 660 and I would love to get out of this $700 monthly vehicle payment and it should also help my DTI as far as a Mortgage is considered, but could the refinance hurt me in getting a home loan?? Any advice??
  2. My current credit score is 602, I have 2 collections and a bankruptcy from 7 years ago, other than that, nothing really.
  3. I need to raise my credit score about 30-40 points in the next 3 months to be able to qualify for a mortgage. I have 2 old credit cards that were sold to debt collectors and charged off and they are now about 4 years old and both for around $500 each. Would writing a letter to the debt collection company asking to do a Pay for Delete help or hurt?? If I offered to pay $400 for both accounts and ask them to show paid and be removed from my credit report, would that perhaps work or would it restart the time clock on the debt if they dont accept? Any other advice? I dont think its the amounts hurting me, I think its more that 2 Collections are on my credit report
  4. I got divorced in 2010, took on about $10,000 of my ex-wifes debt, unfortunately I had to file Bankruptcy in 2011. So my credit went to the dumps. Fast forward a few years, credit was around 620, got re-married, everything was looking up, but then I had to max out 2 credit cards due to legal fees while fighting a custody battle. Went in debt on other things too due to this, so my credit score dropped to around 580. Well my current wife decided to put me on a credit card of hers as a user to hopefully help raise my score. She has never made a late payment, had the card about 6-7 years, etc. It seemed to help a little, but not drastic. Now though, she has the card basically maxed out due to helping with these legal fees and debt. Question is, would it help or hurt my score for her to remove me from that card? I have been on it about 2 years now. No payments have ever been missed on it, but it has a $5000 limit and its about $4600 now! My score hasnt moved in about 2 years. It's a 540 now. I would like to somehow get it above 600
  5. My credit went downhill after I was divorced and took on alot of debt from my ex-wife. I had no choice but to file bankruptcy in April 2012 Since then, I have paid my bills on time and have tried to rebuild my credit. About 2 years ago my current wife added me to a credit card of hers as an authorized user to try and raise my score a bit, which it did by about 10-15 points, however, the max limit on the card is 5000 and the card is maxed out due to using it for attorney fees for a family law case. She makes the payments on time every month and has never been late. My question is, would it benefit me to stay a user and have that card on my credit report or should I have her remove me since the balance is maxed out I am looking to get to at least 600 credit score, but I have been stuck at 520-550 for basically 2 years now and nothing seems to help. Any advice???
  6. The original loan on the car was about $17,000, but with interest and no payments for 6 months, the total is now just over $19,000. The car is only worth about $15,000 now. The account shows Write Off / Profit Loss now, so I am assuming that they rather settle and get what they can than repo the car, auction it and get less than the value of the car. If I sold the car though, I could pay the settlement offer in full to them, so why would they not do it?
  7. Hello, I bought a car in 2016 and it was financed with Capital One Auto. I made the monthly payments always on time for the first year, but then unfortunately I had a big court case involving a divorce and 99% of my finances went to court fees, attorney fees, etc and leaving me with little to no money for bills but the essentials. It has now been about 5 months since my last payment and Capital One has sent me an offer to settle the loan debt. The amount owed on the loan is $18,000 and the settlement offer is $9000 Unfortunately after all I have been through, there is now way I could pay the past due amount owed on the loan to bring it current and then make the monthly payments. So my questions are..... Could I sell the vehicle and pay the Settlement Offer in full? If I settle and pay the amount they are asking, will I get the Title for the vehicle? How much would doing a settlement hurt my credit score as opposed to it getting Repossessed? Thanks in advance for any help!

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