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  1. Business is an LLC and I am the only one listed as owner. I am the personal guarantor on the account. As for for my employees livelihoods they are fine and secure. This is the only account that has ever gone like this. It was a complete oversight because honestly I do not recall getting the invoice after service (would have come to my house) and life itself has been a very wild ride the last year with several surgeries and such. The money will be paid regardless but I want to know what I should do about her telling an assistant manager everything about the account he is not on.
  2. Last week a collection company reached out about an account in their office. It’s from a year ago when we had an electrician do some work at our business. I really thought we had taken care of it but didn’t hear anything until last week when I was out of town. I told her when I got back in town I will look at everything and get back to her. I came home to a completely flooded basement and I’ve been dealing with that all week. My assistant manager called me and said someone from this collection company called looking for me, I have it on my list to call today (it’s a forever growing list). He just text text me and said she called again and told him who the original creditor was, how much, how old the debt is, and then threatened legal action. How do I handle this? Yes, I need to pay and when I have five minutes I will look at it and take care of it. But can she tell my employee all of this? He is not on the account in any way. I am embarrassed and pissed.
  3. Thanks everyone, I told my mother that this is not a real debt and she should tell them to piss off next time they call. They did not take to kindly to being told they are full of crap but they have not contacted her since.
  4. Thank you for the information. I got theb6vyears from Google. Guess I should stay off Google, LOL. My mother had their contact information and passed it on to me.
  5. My mother was called on Friday and was told she owed money for a hospital visit from October 2003. Of course they threatened they were taking her to court and freeze her assets and such. My mother lives on social security so she has very little money to her name anyways. I contacted them to try and get information so I could send a letter telling them not to contact her again (technically she would be sending thebletter). I mentioned the SOL in Washington State is 6byears and this is well beyond that. The guy laughed and told me to stay off Google and it didn't apply because there was a telling agreement (or something along those lines) that was signed. Any suggestions would be great. I'm out of my element on this one. I have a feeling this is a trash debt buyer and just threatening to scare people into paying. But I don't know what a tolling agreement is and if it is even a real thing. Also, how legal would one be to be added into ER admission paperwork? The place is TE&A Litigation services.
  6. My son is 17 and I am trying to set him up for a positive credit and financial future. He is joining the Navy and will be contributing to a ROTH IRA and saving money for emergencies and such. I also want him to have and maintain a good credit score. I know his clearance will require a good score (due to the job he will have we know its required) and we are teaching him the do's and don'ts of credit. All the things his father and I wish we knew at that age. I was thinking about adding him to our cards as an authorized user to help his score. My only concerns is our card is very low (we are rebuilding our score). We each have a Visa with a $450 balance. We have maxed it out in the past but for the most part it remains paid off, just sometimes its reported as maxed out because pay after they report. It's never been late though. I'm just worried the utilization would be bad for his report since he has nothing else. Any suggestions?
  7. My husband and I own our home outright and we would love to get a HELOC to help us do some home improvement as well as help raise our credit scores some. Currently we have a mid 500 score. But I have been told it is next to impossible to get any type of equity loans on our house with that credit rating because we do not have an existing mortgage. You all are the credit experts, so I am asking if anyone has any advice on getting some sort of loan against our house with a low credit score. It isn't about the income, we have it plenty to pay off what we barrow. In fact other than our car note, my student loans, and a few medical things our debt is zero. We just have crappy scores from past errors. I am trying to dispute things to get them off our reports or reported correctly but that is a slow process now. I really would like to get some sort of loan with our house as collateral to help raise our scores. TIA Megan
  8. My husband is a combat disabled veteran and in 2017 we started the process of having his student loans discharged based on his permanent and total disability. It was awarded on Sept/October of 2017 and all accounts went to a $0 balance. We had a few late payments and it is keeping those trade lines in a negative status. His discharge date went back to the day he got out of the army, before the loans were issued. Based on that do you think we can get the TL deleted from his credit reports? Thank you M
  9. We purchased a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan in April 2016. Fast forward to March 2017 and the van explodes in my driveway (yes, explodes). It took several months for the insurance company, Dodge, and the fire investigator to complete everything and the insurance pay out. Because I am sure everyone is curious the official finding was too much damage to know what happened but whatever it was started in the engine compartment. We also had GAP insurance that worked with our main insurance to pay out the claim. EVERYTHING WAS COVERED so I though. I am now trying to fix our credit so we can get a HELOC to do some home repairs and I noticed Chrysler Capital is listing the account as a charge off with a balance of $456 unpaid (date closed of 11/17 of 41,108). I was not aware of any balance on this van. I was curious and I called and was told that was the amount left over after insurance paid out. I called the insurance company to ask why that was not paid and was told because the due date on my car was 3 days before my car exploded they did not include that payment in the payout. But now I am at a loss for what the heck to do, We were never late on the car (we always had to pay a few days late due to paydays but never more than a few days - definitely not 30+ days) but now we have a charge off and 120 days delinquent (well a 30, 60, 90, and 120 then charge off). Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this? No, I never got any harassing calls, or letters. After insurance paid out we never heard from them again.
  10. Thank you, I was going to dispute via mail because they said they needed proof of ID, address, and SS number. I was able to call Trans Union and have everything removed (that was super easy). Experian will not budge on any of the addresses because they are all tied to a tradeline on my report. Not sure how to go about fixing that. I am going to call Equifax now.
  11. I need to send in info to Experian (ID, SS card, and a utility bill) to dispute an old address. I'm going to write a letter to dispute the address with all of the info requested. Should I just go ahead and dispute with Experian and trans union the same way? I know usually we should volunteer information and evidence but is that really doing so when it comes to addresses?
  12. We just did this with my husband's student loans for the same thing. They showed as a $0 balance by the next month on all credit reports. Of course if you ever had any late payments those stay there. They won't delete the tradeline either. In my husband's case his score didn't even budge. Drove me crazy that his $22,000 in student loans went to $0 and we didn't see any positive numbers.
  13. What about the reports you get from the CRA directly because you have been denied credit?
  14. I am getting ready to start cleaning up my credit and I finally got my reports in the mail. I have been reading through the threads on all kinds of topics. I am excited to get started but had a few questions that I hope someone can help me with. 1.) When I delete old addresses off my report do I also delete variations of my current address? For example, I live in Drive and my credit reports have 3 adresses listed, one as Drive, one as DR and another as DE (type I guess). 2.) Do I get old phone numbers deleted? It seems like I have a history of every number I have ever had and then some on my reports? 3.) What about old names? I married in 2007 and my maiden name is still being reported on my file. My first marriage ended in 2009 and my former married name is still being reported. No accounts should even be on my report that include that name (or my maiden name). 4.) I've seen some people go back and forth about the best way to dispute old addresses. I know for tradelines you must dispute in writing but some people go back and forth on calling or disputing online for addresses. What is the best way for addresses, phone numbers, and old names? Thank you everyone, Megan
  15. Got a call today and was told he works at the county processors office and he has had two failed attempts trying to serve me. I already knew (Ok pretty sure) it was BS because he gave me my maiden name and I've not been that for 11 years now and never in this state. The sheriff's office handles process serving for our area and it's 1 officer that does it. He also knows me and knows how to get in contact with me so doubtful there was two failed attempts. Then the guy started to say it's time to start taking responsibility for my actions and now is the time. That's when I told him to eff off and hung up. He called back.... Answered the phone and his words were "You need to act like a lady and grow up." I told him nope and good luck. Now I'm not too worried but it's annoying that this guy can call and harass me for a debt that is at least 11 years old. When I pressed to get info on the creditor he wouldn't give me anything. I got married in WA state in 2007 and then moved to VA in 2010 where I've remained.

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