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  1. That escalated quickly.... The last 3 years have been adding accounts to aggregate limits as my scores slowly came up from upper 500s. Have avoided any hard-pull CLIs and new higher-limit apps for the past 7+ months to keep inquiries low.
  2. That's the plan post-mortgage. Will be pruning considerably at that point and then gardening the ones we decide to keep.
  3. I need to make mortgage application in about 45 days. Here are my current FICO 8s: My Wife is my co-applicant and hers are: We will be reducing overall utilization to under 10% on both of our reports over the next 30 days. Based on another comment, it seems that spreading that payoff across the cards to get as many under 50% individual would be good. Possibly balance transfer a few things if needed to have no cards over 50%? My wife does have two old low-dollar collections that are also out of SOL (one is actually a re-age) but I don't know that we have time / ability to get those deleted. Those won't fall off on their own before we have to make app. You may ask why we have to make when we do... it's complicated. I must have a funded mortgage on this property by 2/6/2019 or risk losing it. Long story.
  4. That includes my AU accounts from the wife. Haven't wanted to close anything to mess up utilization.
  5. Total limits is $201K. Currently using $29K (all 0% balance transfers). 41 open CC accounts with 6 carrying those 0% balances (utils ranging from 11% to 89%). Average age: 3.37 years Median age: 3.00 years Oldest 19 y, 9 mos Newest 7 mos (4 tied) 2 Auto Loans that (3Yr 10mos & 2Yr 9Mos) Everything paid as agreed with one ancient collection, 6+ Year utility account for $500. Outside SOL in my state. I take it from the replies that the addition of a 42nd card, 10K in available limit and a 1 month hit to my average age would be negligible at best. So no harm in doing it or not? Any other inputs or opinions?
  6. I recently noticed that my Wife's USBank Visa did not have me as an Authorized User. It is $10K of unused limit that I could use to get my utilization under 14% (from ~15%). It would however reduce my average account age to 3Y 3M. (Down 1 month from current 3Y 4M). Will the utilization help be offset by the age difference? If I am pulling for mortgages in February, which one has a bigger impact? Maybe these differences are too small to matter? Thanks, MD

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