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  1. Instead of applying for NEW credit-- why don't you use the "unused credit cards sitting in a drawer " ?? Because they don't exist. My existing tradelines are all OLD, closed and starting to disappear. I don't even WANT a credit card but if I don't get one SOON I will have to start completely over with secured lines if I ever DO want credit. I'm about a year away from having no TLs at all.
  2. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. This month was pretty rough. Yes, I sent the follow up dispute to the CRA. While they haven't responded, I pulled my reports on CK and the account is no longer listed. As of today my reports are clean. Thanks Why Chat and Thanks CB. At least one good thing came of this awful month. Now I have to go get some credit cards before my reports are completely empty. I'm not sure why someone with a bunch of unused credit cards sitting in a drawer is considered to be a lower insurance and credit risk than that same person with an empty drawer, but it is what it is.
  3. "These changes" are account #1 was deleted and the CA listed for account #2 changed from "Stupid CA" to "Stupid CA Cancelled".
  4. These changes occurred after the CA received the most recent DV. I now have one paid collection on Equifax only. I have not yet received a reply from the Equifax follow up dispute.
  5. After they received my letter one of the entries disappeared, but the other - the one where the oc deposited the check - remains, although it has been edited. Where it previously showed the name of the ca as "stupid ca", it now says "stupid ca cancelled". Now what?
  6. I just got an actual report from EQ. It is in fact reporting as a paid collection.
  7. Update: According to my weekly CK update, the CA marked both accounts as paid.
  8. Strange article. Author tried going cash only, but somehow never had cash on their person?
  9. These accounts are dated 2014. I opted out. I removed old addresses. Many of them have come back from the dead already. I'm not really sure how. NONE of my TLs are active or updating and the address for these medical collections isn't on my CRs at all. I sent CRA dispute letter to TU and EQ. TU deleted. EQ verified. It wasn't on EX. At this point I made an error in following instructions due to not understanding exactly what kind of documentation was required and from who as to the establishment of a "current relationship" between the CA and the OC. Via cmrrr, I sent cashiers checks to both OCs payment in full, for deposit only, along with the payment letter. Both balances were small. I went to the bank and requested a copy of the deposited checks. I have a copy of the check deposited to the account of OC 1. Although the bank originally told be OC 2 deposited and I could get a copy in two days, I later found out this wasn't the case. My green card came back over a month ago and OC 2 has neither deposited the check nor responded in any way. I sent the CA the DV letter priority, but have not received a reply, though not that much time has passed since. This is where I am at now. While I am waiting for a response (or nonresponse) from CA, what do I do about OC 2, if anything?
  10. Nevernind, one line reading comprehension fail...
  11. Is there any reason an account that was paid in full and closed should still be listing "Pays 30-59 days late" under "status" I found the publication that I thought would best address this issue, the Credit Reporting Resource Guide (Metro 2?) by CDIA, but the publication is unavailable to consumers?! How are we supposed to know if information is reported accurately if we, as consumers, do not have access to the reporting standards? The CFPB whitepaper says "Account status reflects the current or final disposition of the account. If the account is delinquent, Metro 2 allows furnishers to report the level of delinquency such as 30-59 days past due, 60-89 days past due, and up to 180 days or more past due. Where the account is closed, a furnisher can report whether the account closed with a zero balance, was a voluntary surrender, closure surrender, repossession, charge-off, or entered into foreclosure." So, what is the "current or final disposition" of an account if it was 30-59 days late at the time it was paid off in full? My friend disputed an account with CRA 1 due to inconsistent reporting. The big three CRAs all had different payment histories and CRA 1 had a much later DOFD than CRA 2 or 3. The creditor changed the DOFD with CRA 1 to match what 2 and 3 were originally reporting, but also reaged the DOLA to, well, now. They reported an on time payment for this month. The creditor also reviewed the reporting with CRAs 2 and 3 even though they were not disputed. For all 3 CRAs, they modified all late payments between the first payment of the delinquency chain and account closure to on time, but at CRA 2 and 3 they left the status as pays 30-59 days late and the DOFD is now listed as the date the account was closed. The DOFD for CRA 2 and 3 is now the same as it was at CRA 1 previous to these disputes and the DOFD for CRA 1 is the same as it was for CRA 2 and 3. They have flip flopped. The payment histories do all match now. They are only reporting the one late payment, but it appears the different status is resulting in a different DOFD - the date of account closure. Maybe someone in the reporting department of the OC thought they were helping but, from his perspective, they have actually made things worse. The above is the result of my attempt to find something definitive in regard to this field for him to include in his follow up letter to the original creditor. I would appreciate any such information or your take on the proper reporting in this field.
  12. Ugh. I also misunderstood the process and my story is the exact same as OP up until this point. Fortunately both of my bills are tiny as well. What do I do now? Send CA the first DV from here? https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html One for each account? In my case, the same CA is handling both accounts from the two separate OCs.

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