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  1. For those of you wondering about all the data being collected about you, here you go. I found this little gem. https://www.consumerfinance.gov/about-us/blog/know-your-data-our-latest-list-consumer-reporting-companies/ links to the article. https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.consumerfinance.gov/f/documents/cfpb_consumer-reporting-companies-list.pdf this link is inside the article in case you miss it.
  2. luckie58

    Chase CC

    Discover scorecard allows you to access for free without a Discover card Thanks jlplummer, I will look into it.
  3. luckie58

    Chase CC

    I appreciate all the "there are better places to get a free FICO" comments however nobody has told me anything recently on how to get it with out paying for it or holding a product. Most of the things I have read on this forum are about 10 years old, so I doubt some of it applies today, because things change so often in the finance world. My score is roughly 600 - 640 I was simply looking for another card, so I could maintain a couple cards for awhile all while build my credit back up, the free FICO I thought was cool since it is a $40 product monthly, oh well. Besides if I don't get approved then I will just hang out and let things fall off my report in the next 3 years or so. So far what I have tried is not working for old debt. I am also not in the states as of right now and it makes it harder to get things fixed.
  4. luckie58

    Chase CC

    I have one store card that is about 20 years old and one capital one CC that i just got in Dec 2017. In the past I was under the impression that no credit was good but I have realized that that is NOT the case. Yes I look at it this way $40 a month for a FICO score for free is a pretty good deal, and it had 1.5% cash back. I know to some that is meaning less. I do have plans to utilize the cards in a strategic way. It has been a full quarter since my last inquiry and I only had 4 in the last two years, so i figured I could at least try. I guess I will continue to read some more.
  5. I got an email from Quill and they told me I had to prepay first. I guess I'll give them a call and see what I can do.
  6. luckie58

    Chase CC

    I applied for a chase CC because they offer free FICO monitoring. They said they will send me a letter. I'm going to call them today to check on my app. Found out they hard pull EX and EQ just in case anybody was wondering.
  7. Ah it's all good. I just thought it was part of the process.
  8. I have been doing my homework on building my business credit. I'm currently deployed right now so it's a little hard to get things done. I am a real estate investor going to be buying and renting houses and townhomes. I have a FL business with an EIN and DUNS number (I just got it, all I did was apply on line) set up a business phone and using my home address. I just tried to place an order through Quill on Saturday we will see if I get approved for their net 30 account, it's about a $300 order, I needed ink and paper. I think my next step will be Uline, I can use some stuff from there. I am hopeful that things start rolling soon.
  9. Thanks Shifter, I was going to wait to get the FICO until I knew for sure I needed it. I have a monthly credit pull done on all 3 bureaus through USAA. I am monitoring the credit to see if the Debt collectors do their job. I do have a few charge offs as well, so I bet that will play a part in it. I am trying to clear it all up. I'm only using the vantage score as a guideline really.
  10. I wanted to start looking to rebuild my credit so I can buy another house and as of Dec 8, 2017 my score was 578 using the vantage 3.0 scoring model on Experian. I paid the debt collectors and had them send a letter to the CRA to delete their debt. All but one did which is EOS CCA, they refuse to send a letter to have it deleted, so I have to wait for them to fall off the report. I paid the one store credit card down to 45% and my score increased from 578 to 632 average with all 3 CRA's. I have one more debt collector to be deleted and I'm excited to see how far it goes up, maybe only 10 points or so, but it puts me closer to hopefully buying another house. I had a foreclosure finalized in 2016 I hope the banks will over look this. My DTI is about 22% right now. Are lenders lending with recent foreclosures that anybody knows of? Thanks in advance.

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