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  1. thank you for the reply, i worded my question wrong. Lets say i had a chargeoff for 1500. and where to get approved, could they tack on a 1500 dollar charge on my new acct. for the old debt?
  2. I have an old capital one and chase chargeoff that has fell off my credit report. my question is do they blacklist and if not. if i opened up a new account could they somehow link the old chargeoff with the new acct? thank you
  3. thank you for the replys. i have decided to wait till it falls off. as if anyone were to pull a full factual i would be screwed anyways. since there would be all kinds of stuff on it. I guess my next question is do the cra's update on a certain day during the month or will i have to wait till dec. for this to fall off? thank you
  4. i just pulled my credit file and the last thing on there that i couldnt get off any other way says will continue until nov 2009. well i dont know if that means till the end of the month or should it already be off. should i dispute or wait till dec. thanks
  5. wanner

    My wife?

    one last question? in a community property state such as texas do most loan types pull both spouses credit or is it just mainly just fha?
  6. wanner

    My wife?

    my wife i dont even think has a credit score so if i go fha, would not even having a credit score be an issue or would lenders just look at mine?
  7. wanner

    My wife?

    also does anyone know what the sol would be on a illegal cable box that was settled out of court and never paid lol.
  8. wanner

    My wife?

    i am not sure even if she has a judgement but here is the situation she was sued for a illegal cable box years ago by the cable company. lol she settled out of court for a monthly payment but never made one payment to them. there was never anything else sent to her saying there was a jugdment or anything. suppose there isnt a judgemnt now and i buy a house here in texas. and come after her later with a judgement. what repricussions do they have toward us. can they attach they house. or is there a homestead exemption or something that excludes your priciple residence from judgements thanks.
  9. wanner

    My wife?

    i dont know really but i think that it is an unpaid judgement. is there any other way by going fha to keep here out of the whole deal other than divorce? lol
  10. wanner

    My wife?

    if she has no debts just some collections and maybe a judgement against her would it hurt our overall chances of getting a loan. is there anyway of just keeping her out of the whole deal?
  11. wanner

    My wife?

    no i am in texas i havent updated my profile. thanks
  12. wanner

    My wife?

    my wife is a stay at home mother and does not have any income and i dont even think that she has a credit score. what part if any will she have in my obtaining a mortgage?
  13. so are the prepaids do they have to come out of my pocket or can they be rolled into the loan?
  14. I have been looking at some gfe's and dont understand why some of the gfes have prepaids for taxes and some do not. are they required?
  15. wanner

    New Construction?

    thank you for the replys, the other question i have is about ernest money typically if you get preaprroved and something should happen between the building and closing, and you are unable to close. Is the ernest money refundable? or does it vary? thank you

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