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  1. Hmm.. 🤔 That's a good question. I think part of it is being able to qualify for cards I never thought I'd be able to get. Which, I realize, is a silly motivation to open a card. lol I'll try to be more logical about it, because having the cards work for me is ultimately more important than prestige.
  2. I started with a Cap1 secured ($99 and the $200 CL). It unsecured 6-8 months later and I got a small CLI. Eventually I upgraded it to a QS. (During this time I app'd for a second unsecured QS and received it, but that's neither here nor there.) At the same time I opened the first Cap1 secured, I opened a Discover secured. It took longer to unsecure and when it did, it just sat at $200 forever, it seemed. I eventually started using it more and got a CLI to $1400. Kept using it and now it's sitting at $2900. Meanwhile the Cap1 cards are still at $600 and $850 after two years of $100
  3. I can't believe how far I've come from a couple of tiny ($200) secured cards to where I am now. I realize it's still small beans, but at least it's unsecured. lol I have the following accounts. I want only one more card, and that is a Chase Freedom. (I will be 5/24 in Oct. and 4/24 in Oct.) Soon my Best Buy CLI will be reporting and hopefully the medical CO will be gone. Don't know what my EX FICO will be by then, but right now it's 677. My plan is to do nothing until after I've app'd for the Chase, then close the bottom three accounts, and maybe Neiman Marcus. That will free me f
  4. Approved for AMEX BCE $2000. I know it's not a huge limit, but if you knew what this means to me... 😭😭😭 This has been a LONG time coming.
  5. Ok, I think I understand. I was thinking it was an old charge off. Thank you!
  6. One more question @cv91915 if you don't mind. What does this mean exactly? As a neg, wouldn't it just disappear at seven years? "Over the longer term it would have been more beneficial to have the seasoned positive TL minus the negative info for 3+ more years"
  7. That's certainly encouraging! I can't wait. My paper report shows that the neg will age off in 10 months. That isn't consistent with what I thought, but I'll take it! I'm just grateful to be getting this second chance after blowing it so bad. So even if the HIPAA letter doesn't work with EX, at least it won't be much longer. Thanks for the tremendous encouragement! And for the laugh.
  8. Thank you. The charge off is a medical so I'm going to TRY to use WhyChat's method. I hope I'm able to, but I understand EX can be hard to work with. Thank you again for the info.
  9. I received my EX paper report and discovered that I only have one neg from a CA, which was a relief, because there are three on my TU report. However, my FICO score is only 677. I have over a dozen positive entries, no lates. My AAoA is 2-3 years. I think this score seems pretty low considering the neg is over five years old. Is it because they are reporting it every month? In other words, if it weren't updating every month would my score be higher? Thanks for helping me understand.
  10. I see. I never considered that. Thanks.
  11. I'm not apping for anything real soon, but I've been wondering about this for a while. What is the minimum worth listing under assets on a card app? I've never listed anything because I didn't figure I had enough in savings to influence an app. I have a lot of equity in my house (80-85%) but don't own it free and clear yet. Also, do people list cars? My car is paid off. Have I been shooting myself in the foot by not listing assets? Thanks for any help.
  12. Not long ago I was looking into downsizing into another property. When I spoke to the loan administrator, I explained the situation and was told that since the house was deeded to me, regardless of whether I was on the account, it is considered an obligation and it ultimately worked against me, which I completely understood. On every credit application, I always list the mortgage payment. Fortunately, having bought the house over 20 years ago, and considering that we put down 40% cash, the mortgage is very small by today's standards. I will most definitely leave this al
  13. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. I was doing it mainly to add an installment account to my reports. However, reading your post, it occurs to me that I'd also be adding a big chunk of debt to my reports. So that's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much, both of you. I'll just leave things alone.
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