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  1. No account creation required. There are 3 options to 'Look Up Your Account' 1. I dont know my MCM account # 2. I know my MCM account # 3. I have a username Under those 3 options you can input last name, month/year of birth and last 4 of SSN. From there you can see accounts with MCM.
  2. I agree and like that aspect. I just thought that maybe there would be some type of verification method to prove its actually me viewing the info.
  3. I understand how much information is out there and probably even more than I can imagine. My thought was that if they cant share the information with my wife when they call her phone looking for me, why can it be looked up with very basic information?
  4. I have a few accounts with Midland. In looking to gather information I came across the "Look Up Your Account" feature on thier website. It asks for the last name, birth month & year and last 4 of SSN. Once into the system there is a list of accounts they are collecting on including the OC, amount, original account number and thier account number along with payment options. This disturbed me quite a bit. That is very basic information used to see information which I dont think should be this easily accessible. Maybe I'm a bit caught up in my feelings this morning... I just cant understand how this is allowed.

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