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  1. Pulled and modified from a business forum i could access from home without a vpn, sometimes things go down for a while, but yes they were sent.
  2. This username is linked to my website and contact information anyhow, on many a website. You might want to blot out your name on these docs....
  3. I sent them these two letters. https://ibb.co/gprF5d and https://ibb.co/nPvxJy They deal in student loan debt, I paid my student loan debt off within months of finishing a semester. Just using the loans to offer a buffer to save and quickly pay the things off before they even thought about interest.
  4. There is nothing there, it's clean. That's how it should be.
  5. About a debt that i paid off while attending University 11 years ago. They claimed that i still hadn't settled the debt, and it's been passed around accordingly,about 9 times. The problem with that situation, Is that it was paid in full, about 11 to 12 years ago. I informed them of this, was rather aggressive about it, informed them that it was nearly 10pm at night here, which made them even more defensive. Sent them a no contact request, excepting mail, to which my address is in China. I also just sent them a request/damand letter to cease collection activities on an obvious accounting error like, fraudulently acquired debt. Now, how do we play this from here? I'm guessing that they aren't quite sure how to handle a debt internationally, especially one that i don't owe. So, lawsuit from theor home state of California, or what?
  6. The 19,793 dollar charge has also been cleared from my CRs on Trans and Exp, Equ hasn't updated yet. I didn't see any score jump though, but we will see.
  7. Chase and discover, correcting information on my Experian and should be able to get an American Express.
  8. I've been approved for 2 fairly good sized credit cards, though I'm still waiting on Verizon to remove it's faulty charges. Everything else is looking better.
  9. How exactly have you gone about increasing your credit limits? I'm trying to secure things well enough, so that I can get a low interest mortgage in 5 or so years.
  10. How to increase my credit limits, get cards, etc? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, my wife and I live fairly conservatively, save about 60 percent of salary monthly and enjoy our traveling, but in about 5 years we are planning to move back to the states. How do I improve my credit while I'm overseas? I currently have 3 low limit credit cards, with nothing else really aside from some debt paid off 10 years ago. Everything is paid off monthly or bimonthly, to carry a balance occasionally.
  11. I called 17 times total, left a metric ton of messages. Sent 4 certified letters, 3 emails with those same documents and managed to finally get through. Yay Good Afternoon red. My name is carry. I work in the Executive Office of Verizon Wireless and have now been assigned your case. Based on information I obtained during my initial investigation I contacted our fraud team directly today to inquire about the accounts in question. I was advised by my fraud department that they have indeed confirmed both accounts as ID Fraud and they have now been noted as such. They are currently working on removing the balances from our reporting system and you will receive a letter via mail stating the accounts are confirmed fraud. Additionally, the debt will be removed from your credit bureaus as well. Please allow 30 - 60 days for the update to reflect on your credit report. I will be responding in writing with this resolution to the FCC as well. Should you have additional questions regarding this matter, please reply to this email, or feel free to reach me via telephone at 800-779-2067 extension 2143713 from 8:00am - 5:00pm EST Monday - Friday. I am aware that you are currently not in the country, however I wanted to be sure you have my direct contact information if needed. My apologies for any difficulty or inconvenience that has been experienced during this process. It is certainly never our intent. I do appreciate you giving us the opportunity to rectify the situation. Regards, Carry Verizon Wireless Executive Office
  12. Excepting the fact that I didn't open the accounts, they were opened fraudulently using my credit information, and Verizon seems to not want to follow their actual legal responsibilities with this matter. For ID theft? Yes. Arbitration covers any dispute involving the account.
  13. I've just started out with Twitter and Facebook. I called them 5 times last night, and the Twitter agents seemed actually amiable to help. One shouldn't have to raise a stink to get them to follow their federal legal obligations. Bull But.....
  14. So, just called Verizon again, they said that I needed to file a police report locally..... I'm in China, I asked if it was ok if it were in Chinese, they said that that'd be ok, as long as it says Verizon and identity theft.
  15. After .. After .. After action report. Verizon acknowledged the account was currently under dispute, but they didn't acknowledge my identity theft report. I've sent it to them again, along with all needed supporting documents. Jefferson Capital Systems seems to have told me that the Fraudulent entries are set to be deleted and have been reported, they should go away the next reporting cycle. Verizon executive support just replied and stated that they had found reports of my account, and are apparently redirecting me to another department, one associated with consumer accounts. So.... should be able to get 20+thousand dollars in fraudulent debt removed from my account, Bob willing.

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