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  1. I have approval $550,000 purchase price 10% down but the rate is up to 8% if I put another 5% down they say it will drop 3 points. Thoughts on are there better mortgage companies?
  2. I am finally ready to buy again after never wanting to own real estate again again losing everything years ago. I have rebuilt my credit and all monitoring services I use show me scores between 710 and 730. Mortgage company pulls and it shows mid 600's WTF. Everything is paid on time, credit usage is less then 30. I get they use a different process but it clearly looks like they try to screw you our of the gate so they can charge higher interest. I would love anyone's input who is self employed on this? Thanks
  3. I am going to either change the name of my company or create a new one if I have to. Does anyone know how that would affect the current business credit I have already?

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