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  1. Thanks for all the advice! Are there any more possible suggestions for quality cards in my score range?
  2. Thanks for your reply! I don't have a wish list of cards and I haven't tried any prequalifiers. Do you have any recommendations for quality cards that I should look at for my range?
  3. I've been working on my credit for the last few years. I had 6 charge-offs entries removed by PFD's and now all that remains are 2 of the OC's marking a $0 balance. I have sent multiple goodwill letters to the remaining 2 OCs with no luck. My score has went from low 500's a couple of years ago to now where it has been around 675 for the last several months with little change. I have a Cap1 secured card and a Discover secured that I got around 2 years ago. The Discover has since unsecured and the limit has increased a few times and currently has a limit of $2200. The Cap1 card is still secured and has a limit of $700. The phone reps at Cap1 have told me that the card will never unsecure and may never have any more CLI's and that I could cancel it and try to apply for a new unsecured card. I keep all cards payed down below 10% by the end of the month. I also have a bank loan at around $1000 that I am paying on. Are there any good cards available that I may qualify for in my credit range of 675? Is there any reason that I should cancel the Cap1 knowing it may never upgrade? I am hoping to be able to raise my credit line. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am looking at buying my first home sometime within a year and would like to improve my credit score as much as possible. As of now, my Fico from TU and EX are both around 670 and has stayed the same the last 5 months. I began working on my score around 2 years ago with a score of 500 and 5 charge-offs. I managed to get all 5 charge-offs removed from my report completely with PFDs, but 2 of the OC accounts are still listed with $0 amount and states they've been sold. I have tried many goodwill letters to the remaining 2 OC's with no luck. Both of the OC accounts were added around 2013. These accounts were for Best Buy/Cap1 and a popular department store. I currently have a Discover secured card that promoted to unsecured with a $2200 limit, a Capital One secured with $700 limit, and a small bank loan around $1000 that I am making monthly payments. All accounts are always paid on time/paid full each month. I would like any advice or techniques that I can use to improve my score and help my home buying experience. Any help or guidance is much appreciated!
  5. I had a charge off from Best Buy 6 years ago. Best Buy had charged off the debt to Portfolio Recovery. Last year I paid a PFD to Portfolio Recovery. Upon payment Portfolio deleted its entries from all 3 credit reports successfully. However, the OC (Cap1/Best Buy) still remains reporting currently on my CR as a Charge off with negative comments and $0 balance. I wrote a goodwill letter to the address on my CR for Cap1/Best Buy asking from removal of the charge off because it had already been paid to the CA and due to its age. I am writing because received a response letter from Cap1 regarding the Best Buy account stating in order to process my dispute, they need the following information: Full name of cardmember Full account number Full social security number Current address Detailed explanation of your request A copy of the page from your credit report indicating account referenced in the request It says upon receipt of this information, they will complete and investigation on this account. My question is has anyone ever received anything like this from a Goodwill request from Cap1 or any other. I am looking for advice on how to proceed. Thanks in advance!
  6. I have been working on improving my credit score the past couple of years. I started with a score in the high 400's with 6 charge-offs reporting on my CR. During this time I managed to arrange PFDs for all of them. Unfortunately, 2 OC's from the charge offs are still currently reporting from 2014. They are reporting with a balance of $0 and missed payments. I have sent 2 goodwill letters and proof of payment from debt collector on behalf of the OC to both remaining OC's with no response in the last 2 months from either. My FICO scores for TU/EQ now seem stagnant around the 665 mark. I currently have my car loan with $1700 remaining. I opened 2 secured cards last year which are Capital One with a $700 limit and Discover which already returned my deposited and increased my credit line to $1500. I am looking for any advice as to how I can increase my credit score from this point. Should I continue sending goodwill letters to the 2 remaining OCs? Should I open yet another secured card or apply for an unsecured?
  7. In 2014 I had a charge-off for a department store credit card that eventually went to a collection agency. Last year, I contacted the CA and got a PFD. After payment the entry from the Collection Agency fell off of all 3 CRAs, but not the OC. So a few months ago I sent a certified Goodwill letter to the OC with the address reporting on all 3 CRs, but never heard back from them. Recently, I checked my credit reports and the OC is now showing as a Collection/charge off with remarks " Charged off as bad debt. Purchased by another lender." They are also reporting the balance as $0. I am asking for help with what to do next to have the OC remove the entry. Thanks so much!
  8. "Charged off" is listed next to "Pay Status" on TU. I don't see the words "pay status" on EX or EQ. EQ has a $0 next to "Balance" and $1374 next to "Charge Off Amount". EX has $0 next to "Balance" and "Closed. $1756 written off" next to "Status" I don't see actual Balance on TU but it does list $1374 next to "Original ChargeOff"
  9. TU has the store reporting as a charge-off in the amount of $1374, EX is reporting Closed.$1756 written off and EQ is reporting $1374 charged off. Would a goodwill letter still be appropriate in this case? I'm unsure of why TU is reporting a different or if it even matters.
  10. I work for a department store in which we solicit credit cards for the store. When starting employment there in 2011, I too opened up a card. By the time I had worked there for 4 years and paying on it monthly, my credit limit went from $300 to $3400. I fell behind on the credit card payment for 3 months in 2014. The collection was sold to Midland Credit. Fast forward to Oct 2017, I worked out a PFD with Midland. The collection/charge off was removed completely from all 3 credit reports after payment was received November 2017. However the department store is still reporting for closed collection/charge off on my credit reports. How can I go about getting this entry removed and should I divulge that I currently still work for the company? Would a goodwill letter be appropriate or should I dispute with the CR's? If disputing the CR's is the way to go, should I dispute online or by mail? Thanks in advance!
  11. This is why I am treading carefully with this after getting such differing answers. If the bank does in fact own the debt and I pay it off, is it still true that Amsher can just change the status??
  12. A few weeks ago I made a post on this forum asking for help regarding a Charge Off of around $1000 with a local bank that was sent to AmSher Collections from 2015. A member suggested going to the bank to speak in person, however I have moved and this is not an option. I went with sending a certified return receipt letter to the president of the local bank expressing I would like to pay the debt in full and resolve this matter with the bank and my credit report quickly. I did not mention Amsher in the letter, just that I had seen an entry collecting for the bank on my credit report. This week I received a letter from a Senior Banker at the bank on behalf of the letter to the president. In the letter the banker said that I had a current debt to Synovus Bank of $1000 and that I could remit payment at any branch location and gave a detailed statement from the time the debt occurred. There was no mention in their letter about any ownership of the debt or about Amsher. The bank has changed names since I had an account there and is now apparently Synovus Bank. My question is should I pay the bank and then dispute with Amsher since the debt is paid with the original creditor? What is the best way find out who owns the debt at this point? A post on another forum suggested that if the bank doesn't own the debt I would be paying for nothing and my credit report will not change. I don't want to pay the bank and then Amsher have some way to keep reporting this charge off. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi! Thanks for your helpful reply. I do have a few questions if you have time. Who should I file the dispute with and what are the steps to go about this? Regarding the Public Utilities Commission, I Just moved 9 months ago from GA to FL. Which state should this letter be made to? (It took place in GA) Thanks so much in advance!
  14. Would sending a Goodwill letter be a good idea in this case?

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