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  1. KimShea

    Amazon Store Card App for iOS and Android

    I have a synch app on my phone... iPhone ap... Assuming they'd have it for other platforms as well? MySynchrony is what they've brilliantly called it.
  2. KimShea


    Thanks shifter. I wouldn't say any of this keeps me up at night, but I am one of those people who got straight A's and didn't like it if that deviated. I don't like that I'm rated merely "good" when "excellent" is an option. I hate that I can be a reasonably intelligent well educated person, but still struggle with a simple stupid budget. It makes me feel ignorant and like I'm a bad person, somehow. Dumb, sure. Still, can't help it. Maybe it's how my brain is wired. I think your suggestion of keeping my goals in mind is an excellent one. I want that last 120 day late account gone early if I can manage it. I've gotten rid of it on 2/3 of the reports and working on the last one. If I can get it off before it's due to drop, I'll count that as a win. Probably nothing to do on the 30 day lates but wait them out. Another goal is to be able to obtain parent loan for kid in college next semester. I'm putting off applying as long as possible to hopefully get that last derog to drop. And a third goal is to get husband's student loan into rehabilitation without going broke... working on that as well. I'll focus on those three for the time being.
  3. KimShea


    Helpful, cv. I'm guessing you've never had a moment of frustration or discouragement. I'll ignore them as best I can, since really, I have no other choice. I'm doing everything I can on the repair, so no need to sweat what I can't control. I'll work on my zen.
  4. KimShea


    To those of you that have been through rebuilding - how do you keep from getting discouraged? I just got the last collection removed from my account, and other than a few lates in 2016 or earlier, am pretty clean now. Still one serious delinquency that should drop by March. But suddenly I got a FAKO CK score drop of 18 points on EQ. Wondering if rebucketed due to no more collections maybe. Or who knows. Util is a little high still, but hasn't changed dramatically. I know this number is pretty meaningless overall, and it will go back up again in another month, but it just feels so frustrating. For every positive, there's another two steps backwards, it feels. And then I clicked love buttons on Cap 1 and Discover but got no love. Disco did just finally un-secure my card and give me a CLI from $500 to $2000, but when I look around on the boards, that seems laughable. Do you just not look at the numbers? How have you all stayed motivated and made yourselves not just want to go "oh, eff it" and go on some binge shopping spree? JK. I'm not really like that, but it's hard to stay excited when everything positive is just followed up by something negative again. Blah.
  5. KimShea

    KimShea's update

    I'm not sure which score they used. I got that card 2/17/18 so scores would have been EQ 617, TU 623 and EX 630. They do provide a Fico8 from EX, so that may be which one they used. They gave me a low limit of 1K, so it probably would have been better to wait to apply.
  6. KimShea

    KimShea's update

  7. KimShea

    The Master obsolete delete time frame thread

    Just got the last collection off. Woo! So now I have one old student loan due to drop in March still on Equifax. Tried it again today & they opened dispute (but immediately dropped that collection as I had the PFD letter handy). Fingers crossed on last baddie reporting anywhere. I *really* want it gone.
  8. KimShea

    The Master obsolete delete time frame thread

    Looks like this worked. First guy was all "7 years from first delinquency... blah blah" HUCA. 2nd guy same. I asked could I talk to a supervisor, he said sure, if I'm not able to help you. And then he opened a dispute. I was irritated, as I was hoping to just have it dropped. Today is 2 days later, and it's gone and CK Fako says up 13 points on TU. Gotta wait till 15th to get real scores. TU is now mostly clean - I have 1 30 day late on a credit card and 5 30 day lates on a car loan. All over 2 years old. That leaves EQ with a collection and this old bad student loan (the one that just got dropped from TU) to still clean up. I got a PFD in writing on the collection the other day, just waiting on that to update. And EX is clean now other than those same 30 day lates. If I can get those last couple things off EQ, this will be the best my reports have been in many many years. It's so close I can taste it.
  9. KimShea

    The Master obsolete delete time frame thread

    Transunion will not allow me to dispute online - guessing too many recent disputes. I called and tried to dispute two items that were due to drop in 3/2019. Nothing happened, so I faxed a dispute. Got result of that yesterday - one was dropped but the other (same creditor and dates btw) they updated the status to 120 days delinquent with zero balance. Now we're in a new month I want to dispute as obsolete again. What's the best way to do this, you think? I'm leaning toward calling, not disputing but telling them it's too old. Then if I get nothing, HUCA?
  10. KimShea

    Synchrony luv button

    I got "unable to grant amount you requested, however..." Good deal.
  11. KimShea

    Letter from Collection Agency on SL

    Only want to reply to this in case someone else searches - been looking into this all day, and this isn't really true. They use what they call the "15% formula" to determine how much they think you can afford. It's something like 15% of your AGI and they somehow factor in the size of your family and what state you live in. They don't actually look at your income or expenses, to figure out what you can "really" afford. However, if you don't feel you can afford the 15% there is a form you can complete to appeal this amount, and that's what I'm going to send them. Not sure they'll allow it as a huge part of our expenses is Butler University for oldest child, who's there as a Freshman. I suspect they won't allow this as an expense since she's 18, but I plan to argue that since she's still a dependent for tax purposes, we should be able to count her expenses. I feel it's a long shot. But it is an accurate representation of our ACTUAL expenses as compared to our income, vs. the 15% deal, which isn't even close. Anyway, wish me luck.
  12. KimShea

    Letter from Collection Agency on SL

    Thank you centex - I did assume since it was with collections it was beyond rehab. It's definitely a federal Stafford loan, and the collection agency is Central Research Associates, which Google says is associated with federal loans. We will see what can be done to enter a payment arrangement ASAP.
  13. KimShea

    Letter from Collection Agency on SL

    Thanks for the info - yes, I'm 100% certain it was a Stafford loan, and the agency is listed. It is Central Research Associates, and I can see the debt and previous payments on the myeddebt.com website, which is through DOE. I think attempting to rehab would be ideal, but it would be nice if we could keep it off his credit reports. Probably least of our concerns though as opposed to a garnishment or tax refund offset. He hates talking on the phone, and I don't want to do it myself, as I'm not sure they'll talk to me first off, and 2nd off I want to keep this debt on just one of our reports - not trying to stick it to him or anything, but it would be helpful if one of us could have a decent credit report if we both can't. If I were to write a letter in response to the one we received and offered a payment arrangement we could afford, do you think that would be helpful? I'm certain with the amount of money they are trying to get from us, that they would determine we could afford much much more than we actually can.
  14. So my husband has an extremely old defaulted student loan. It's old enough it's not reporting anymore. Yesterday he got a letter from a collection agency. They want a LOT of money. 100K. Something like 3/4 of this amount is "fees" and way beyond the amount of the original debt. We so don't have this. What exactly can they do at this point? It was a federal backed student loan, so no SOL, per my understanding. If the worst they can do is garnish or take taxes, so be it. However if they can place liens on property, then we are going to have to work with them to attempt some type of payment plan. I'm assuming since it's with a collection agency, things like rehabbing and such are off the table? And can they report this on his credit reports? DOFD is well past 7 years ago, but since this is a new collection, does that even matter? I feel like every time we start to do better, some old stupidness of ours comes back to slap us down again.
  15. KimShea

    Cap 1 Product Change

    I know Cap 1 is sorta persona non-grata up in here, but it's my oldest card. I have the QS 1 which has an AF. I'd prefer not to pay a fee, but I was just hit with it again for this year. I want to call to see if they'll PC me to either the regular QS or their Platinum MC, which has the exact same rate and cash back, but without the fee. Anyone had recent experience with product changes with Cap1? I'm wondering mostly if I can possibly get that fee refunded if I do the PC. If not, I'll probably leave it alone for another year and try to PC before the next fee hits maybe.

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