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  1. I seriously doubt that you can assist with anything.. unless you can explain why none of us can access the web site. DFS employee's are the pits. None of them want to accept responsibility for any issue and I even asked directly if they were going to. My response was.. is there anything else i can help you with. Every time I have to make a payment on the phone i feel like im being bent over a barrel and being told to squeal like a pig.. I think it's there way of proping up revenue to make themselves look better for the sale. Hell, I even asked for a number to the IT people to see if we could figure this out and was told in no certain terms.. NO. I just reinstalled my machine... installed the basic of basic stuff... and still cant hit the web site. Lord forbid that I am even allowed to hit the web site for the Customer satisfaction survey email I got from them. 15 tries and 15 time outs. I have had zero issues with DELL.. but DFS is the big problem. Maybe they dont want you to be able to pay on your account so they can jack one up to 50% interest. Right now the interest rates they charge actually fall under loan sharking laws LOL Wonder how they feel about charging people thoes interest rates when they are paying 0% on the money they borrow.
  2. might want to check out bud hibbs website as well. He's a TX consumer advocate.
  3. Whats also nice to add at the bottom of these letters is CC: ag contact and address bbb address FTC address this always gets someone's attention thinking that every comminication sent goes to them. and always include a copy of the last communiction from then with your response so they dont "forget" what your talking about. LOL
  4. The point im making .. is a pattern is appearing with all creditors.. make it hard for people to pay ontime. We are going to be see violations of the FDCPA left and right even more now. My credit union is looking for a collector. one of the job requirements is to "call employers and post office to locate debtor or assets"
  5. Basically in a nutshell. When you send a DV and you receive a response like that. It's an attempt to get you to admit to something. You can follow up with a letter saying that by law they are required to provide full and proper validation of this "alleged" debt and that you are in no way obligated to do their job for them. Its an old game.. just keep putting the ball back in their court.
  6. Dell's online payment site has been down for 3 months. Dell claimes it works.. but its a problem with the isp. The outsourced employees say. it works here. duh.. big dif from intranet to internet So I tried to call them directly.. yeah like that was going to work. payments via phone are turned off after normal business hours. These guys are trying to make it so hard to get them paid!!! They refuse to even let mycheckfree.com handle the payments because they want it to go thru their site first. when you make payment by phone.. it cost 9 to 14 bucks to do it.. what a ripoff
  7. nybbleguy

    H.R. 5244

    Thank you for contacting me to express your support for H.R. 5244, the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights, a bill that would ban several credit card billing practices. It was good to hear from you, and I am pleased to respond. Like you, I am highly concerned about unscrupulous credit card billing practices that penalize hard working Americans. Last May the Federal Reserve published their proposed rules for public comment on “universal default†and “double-cycle billing†that provide consumers the same protections that H.R. 5244 provides. The Fed expects to promulgate the final rule before the end of the year. Please know that I will carefully watch this issue with your thoughts in mind when this bill comes before the full House. Thank you again for your correspondence and please do not hesitate to contact me about this or any other issue of interest to you. With my regards and best wishes, I remain Sincerely, John L. Mica Member of Congress ______________ Everyone should write their congressman to see where they stand in support of this bill. Credit card companies have grown so greedy that they are going to be the next cause of an economic melt down in this country. Im old enough to remember that the current rates these companies are charging now was called loan sharking or usery..
  8. I had something similar happen to me. I was working in pensicola florida and had stopped and used my card once at a Ruby tuesday's on friday night. The next morning.. visa called me and left a msg to call them asap I called visa and I was asked to verify some attempted purchases ( which they do for me from time to time since i travel alot) Bloomingdales - $2800 Computronix - 840 I said " whats my spending history showing my location at the moment" They verified charges I made before I left home. and the charges I made at starbucks that morning. It turned out that the person trying to charge had a physical card.. I went right back to the RT that i had been at the night before and talked to the manager. Told the manager that either their credit system had been comprimised or the server had skimmed my card. The manager thought I was full of crap till I pulled out my ID showing that I work for the company that provides them equipment support. Visa was on the ball.. gave me time to pull cash and shut the card down. 2 days later whoever had tried to charge.. also tried to buy 40 in gas .. LOL
  9. Ask for an itemized billing statement and question everything.. Dispute the amounts they billed you. Youll find you have been over billed on everything and may have even been billed for a box of tampons LOL
  10. Do lap dances count as a massage??????
  11. I tried that with experian.. guess what... THEY VERIFIED AGAIN!!! took me months to get that crap off my CR.. even after i showed their attorney that I knew as much as she did.. and was faceing 15+ violations, It took showing the hot shot CA lawyer that I knew who they were, where their office was and how to report them to the bar for violating federal law, before it went poof. Even the last letter I got back from this moron said that they were within the law to report. Yeah right... this bimbo couldnt even produce proper validation.. only printouts from the CA's computers. ugh
  12. IMO they should make CS payments a TAXABLE income. or allow the non custodal parent to claim the deduction for it. You can deduct your alimony from your taxes.. why not CS. If they made CS a taxable income, how many women out there would be running for the hills ...
  13. some people are too stupid to get the message. On major factor that everyone is forgetting... human nature.
  14. not half as proud as she was. her hubby was even prouder showing his family the pictures that he took...
  15. alot of people get married just to get married..

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