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  1. Hello, I am beginning to rebuild my credit. Its really not that bad and I have seen it go up so far. Ex 600 Eq 621 Tu 598. I have done my homework and have 2 secured credit cards that I keep below 20% and paying off quickly, this has helped improve my score. I just have a few questions about 2 closed accounts still showing a balance with a negative and 2 collections that have been paid off but are still showing as collections. My questions are how do I go about getting these 4 items off my credit report? Is there paperwork I have to fill out? If I need to type a letter would any one have some examples they can pass along? Who should I call and what info should I have gathered to get which ever rep to help get these items off? Really new to this so sorry if asking a bit much. Closed Accounts: BK OF AMER XXX $1,400 - - Real Estate Negative Sep 1, 2007 DITECH FINANCIAL LLC XX $100,000 - - Real Estate Negative Sep 1, 2007 Collections Accounts: ENHANCED RECOVERY CO L XXX SPRINT May 1, 2015 RGS FINANCIAL XXXXXXXXXXX COX COMMUNICATIONS IV Apr 1, 2016 Thank you all for any feedback and suggestions you can provide.

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