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  1. I havent sent that yet. Im open for suggestions as obviously I dont know what Im doing or I wouldnt be here.
  2. We I meant as in my wife bought one. I didnt sign the contract. The statute of limitations in LA is 10 years but they have sent me a settlement offer for half the price (on the settlement letter it says they cant sue me for the debt. Anyways this is the letter I plan on sending them. What do yall think? letter is to inform you that the above referenced account being reporting by your company on my credit reports is hereby disputed for lack of completeness and/or accuracy. I recently disputed this account with the credit reporting bureaus, and the information was reported as verified and accurate. Im sure we both understand that most disputes are often conducted using software, such as e-Oscar, and that mistakes can be made during that process, and that the software can have limitations when it comes to completing a proper investigation of records. I am disputing the following information directly with you, the furnisher of information, and I am requesting that you conduct an investigation as outlined in the FCRA Section 623: As Ive stated in previous phone calls I do not recall co-signing on a account with your company. I have asked for a copy of the documents that Ive been told Ive signed. After being told I would be sent one I have yet to receive anything. If youre unable to preform a reasonable investigation, or youre unable to locate the necessary documents to investigate my dispute(s); then you are required by the FCRA to remove the negative information from my credit reports, which can also include complete removal of the account. If you were able to conduct a proper investigation of the records for this account, and have identified the information that was being incorrectly reported, please update that information on my credit reports to reflect the accurate information found during your investigation. I am also requesting that you send me an explanation of the methods used, and a description of the records reviewed, when you conducted your investigation; including, but not limited to, sending a copy of that information to me so I can conduct my own investigation into the accuracy of your records and verify that a reasonable investigation was completed. This letter was completed and mailed to you on my own accord, and all correspondence related to this dispute should be returned to me at the address listed above. This letter is an attempt to correct the false or misleading information you are reporting on my credit reports and to correct
  3. Its a contract for a vacuum cleaner. Ive called them and written them asking for a copy of the contract (because I didnt sign it) and they wont send me one, all they send me is a forgery request document that they want me to sign
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but I have no idea what a ITS letter is.
  5. How do I find out what this is? I called the OC twice asking for a copy of the contract (they say I consigned on my wifes account I didnt) I then mailed a request and they only sent a settlement offer. I sent a letter to the three bureaus asking for them to verify the account was mine and they are saying the account was verified and updated.
  6. I sent a dispute letter to the three bureaus and a letter to the collecter asking for a signed contract. I have called the creditor and sent them a letter and have been waiting for about two months and nothing. I got a notification from the three bureaus that they verified the account. What letter do I send to the bureau? There is no way they verified it properly.
  7. Im in the process of rebuilding my credit (obviously) and Im wanting a guaranteed secured card that will report to all three and eventually convert to unsecured. I didnt qualify for cap one or discover and I dont want anymore hard inquiries.
  8. Any ideas on what score you need for a secured discover card?
  9. Yes Im following whychats program so I guess Ill have to be patient.
  10. Im disputing new accounts but I will wait if it risks messing up my medical disputes. Ive gotten 8 of 10 medical off of Experian (other two are still under dispute) the two other CB havent reported anything yet.
  11. I have 14 more days until my medical disputes are due to be completed, but I have a few more items I want to dispute. Do I need to wait for the results to come back or can I go ahead and send out my new ones? The new ones arent medical.
  12. Would it be better to get the iib accounts removed before you try to remove the actual Bk? I am planning on trying to get them all removed at once by getting everything validated. Ive gotten all of my old addresses deleted that were associated with my Bk
  13. 02/12/2018 To Whom It May Concern: In response to your letter dated January 26th 2018 in reference to the above-listed account, I am writing this letter for the opportunity to settle the account to our mutual benefit. Please note that I do not acknowledge any liability for this debt in any form and I retain my right to request a full and complete debt verification and validation from your company. However, I am willing to pay off a portion of this account as a show of goodwill under the following conditions: Your company will delete all references to this account from my credit profile at the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). You will not list this debt as a settled account. Your company will accept this payment to satisfy the debt in full. Your company will not attempt to sell or transfer this debt to another creditor. You will make no mention of this agreement to outside third parties. If you agree to these terms I will: Pay the amount of $800.00 via check within 21 days of acceptance of terms. Please understand that this is not a renewed promise to pay. This is a restricted settlement offer and you must agree to the terms above in order for payment to be made. I require your written agreement to these terms on company letterhead and signed by a representative who is authorized to enter into such agreements. I look forward to your prompt and positive response. Sincerely, This is the letter Im sending
  14. They are both over 2k. One was a repo and I owed 8k, they settled with me for 1k (its capital one and well within SOL 2 years old) the other was 2,458 and they want 1200 and the letter said it would be considered paid. I am going to write them a letter offering to pay 800 PFD. If that doesnt work then Ill write another letter offering the 1,200 PFD
  15. I am wanting to buy a house in 4-6 months. Im trying to remove everything possible and am fixing to attempt to remove my BK. It was discharged 5 years ago and this is literally the only collection I have on my report since then. I need 20 more points to qualify for the loan. The letter they sent me said it would be considered pid in full for 1,200 which is 50% of the total but it didnt say it would be deleted.

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