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  1. I had to put the money that i had planned to go towards paying the OC, towards something else, unfortunately. Believe me i didnt want to. I have called the OC and they wont accept my payment. They are saying that the account has been sent to collections and i am to pay the CA. I am not able to access my old online account, i asked and tried.
  2. I agree, and unfortunately i had some things come up and couldnt get it done soon enough. Whats the best way to approach a pay for delete? Mail a letter to CA asking them to PFD? Would they send a letter back to me authorizing and agreeing to PFD? I will try but i dont think i am able to since the account has been closed and sent to a CA.
  3. Ok so i just called the OC, and they do not own the debt any longer. They said it has been sold to Bull City Financial. What should i do now? Obviously i do not want this on my CR.
  4. How can i tell if Bull City is a CA or JDB? Also when i pay the OC directly, how can i make sure that the payment doesn't go to the JDB or CA? I want to make sure I am paying the OC directly so that there wont be a paid collection on my CR.
  5. Thanks Marv, this was my thinking also.
  6. KBB estimates the private party value at approx $8,900.
  7. Hello all, I would like some advice on our particular situation please. My wife owns the vehicle listed below. I believe we owe more than its worth. Our goal is to possibly sell the car, or trade it in. However, i dont want us to be upside down. My wifes scores are currently around 675 or so, and so are mine. We should have our scores into the 700's in a couple months, after we pay down some CC's and reduce our utilization. Our questions are- Should we try and make extra payments to get the payoff lower? And possibly sell it by owner? Refinance? Other advice? 2013 Ford Edge SE V6 114,000 miles Account Summary Payment Progress: 59% Your final payment will be on 07/15/2020Payoff Amount: $11,728.87 (payoff good through 03/09/2018) Term: 77 months Payments Remaining: 29 APR: 8.90% Interest Paid Year to Date: $165.57 Interest Paid Prior Year: $1,223.73
  8. As in something like a cashiers check, and mail it to them?
  9. So i called the OC (the utilities company) and asked if i can still pay them the balance. They said yes i could, and that they will make sure the CA has the info removed from my report. Only the CA is reporting, not the OC. I asked if i would get an emailed receipt of the transaction, but they said i would only get a confirmation number. Or i could got to Ace Hardware, Amscot etc and pay the balance, and i would get a printed receipt. If i pay the OC directly over the phone, will my bank statement entry for the payment be enough for proof that it was paid? Once paid, do i need to send the CA (whom is not reporting yet) a letter or anything else? I would feel better if i had some type of hard copy or printed receipt.
  10. posted before i was finished typing uggh what the hell lol
  11. Signed up for 7 day trail to see scores and reports, now i want to downgrade or cancel... And apparently the only way to do that is to call....so i called....."your wait time is more than 1 hour and 30 minutes" REALLLLLYYYYYY
  12. Signed up for 7 day trial to see scores and reports, now i want to cancel or downgrade........
  13. Signed up for 7 day trial to see scores and reports....now i would like to cancel or downgrade. And apparently the only way to do that is to call.....so i called....."your wait time is more than 1 hour and 30 minutes" REALLYYYYYYYYY

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