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  1. I just got a promo offer for my BCP for a 1.99% APR for nine months. I get similar offers like this from time to time and usually ignore them since I rarely carry a balance anyway. Regardless, is there any harm in taking these offers? And why would Amex do this anyway? Are they hoping I'll start carrying a balance and then the promo expires?
  2. I received letters from the IRS today notifying me that my taxes from 2005 and 2006 were sent to private collections. I thought I paid those two years but I learned about the IRS claiming they were overdue 9 years later. The amounts were way higher than I could have possible owed and only a year away from expiring so I just ignored them. I have great credit (830ish) and will be buying a home in a year so I'm freaking out over this. Could these hit my credit reports even though they are 10+ years old? Will I get constantly harassed on the phone now? Can I negotiate a settlement? Thanks all

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