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  1. My credit union is still awesome, but in a slightly amateur-ish move, the rep did not state that the other rep was to transfer me to the Debit card people after I got new checks. It's all good, though.
  2. Bagel place tried to pull the $5 minimum schtick on me this morning. I paid cash. Maybe a food-born illness as a result of all that filthy money? Two plain bagels, with butter, lightly toasted. Not a bad breakfast base. Breakfast should be largest meal of the day, then medium lunch and small or no dinner.
  3. My prayers have been answered, too. Seeing the dollar signs right now. Three months until re-bucketed.,, Barenaked Ladies, anyone? Oh, those crazy Canucks.
  4. The more you use it, the more active it will be.
  5. Quart of oil in a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550.. that's the twin turbo. Just now. The guy told me the indicator light came on. I wonder how hard he was pushing that thing for that to happen! Life is good.
  6. Make a purchase, then preferably PIF it. (Pay In Full right when the balance posts) This would be "activity" and once per month should be sufficient ?
  7. Do you need it for business or pleasure, this equipment?
  8. There is a lot of legroom in a Maserati Ghibli too! Today must be Maserati day, two came by, even a fake Tonka truck yellow Hummer oops I mean Chevy Colorado or whatever it is. H3 And one Maserati was a Levante SUV! cv, first class ?
  9. This morning consisted of a can of tuna, and about a half cup of black coffee. I have great energy, and all the sustinence I need. I feel as though I can run two miles. Spending on overpriced restaurants will be either eliminated or greatly reduced. Just me and the job and the world, and my
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