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  1. You save 735 by paying lease off early and turning it in now. Does the leased vehicle need tires soon? Or did you purchase tires already for it? My dad leases and I did in my 800 FICO score days a decade ago and we each had to put tires on a leased vehicle once at around 30k. Another potential cost for a car you won't be keeping. If you turn the lease car in early, you can purchase a new Chrysler Pacifica for less than Odyssey,no need to get a beater. Or look for a 2 to 3 year old lease turn in Odyssey if you can save $. If you go Chrysler, just make sure you buy extended warranty, but do it directly from Mopar at 35k and not at purchase time. Beater route and too cheap of a vehicle may get you beat by her!!
  2. Of course I get a call today from one of the dealers and they get approvals from someone else besides Chrysler. Rate at 12.24, payment now down to 600 month. Said I will think about it as I have zero time the next two days to go back in. Maybe if I keep thinking rate will drop under 10?
  3. Thanks for your input and knowledge as always. Also the bank fee, a byproduct of me, seems to be hurting even more since the dealers take away any discount on vehicle once that comes across which throws LTV out of whack even more. Price then becomes MSRP minus rebates Feels like a roadloans deal, which is basically what Chrysler is, roadloans in a pinstripe suit! Just going to pay down vehicle more and not shop until until I have a pre approval with a rate I can live with in hand.
  4. Yes I am. The old adage from Seinfeld applies here, it's not you,it's me. It's not the dealer , it's me is the problem. Too much neg equity and low scores despite the rebates. Just interesting how low scores and high negative equity didn't scare GM Financial but Chrysler it did with a customer with a well paid loan with them
  5. My credit reports now have updated showing my mortgage now being current.I tried a couple of Jeep dealers today one last time to buy a Cherokee Same result, int rate at 16.78, no thanks I will pass. LTV is issue.Payment keeps coming back at 700 a month, after agreed upon deal Chrysler is charging bank fee to dealer and then they keep taking away dealer discount as a esult to make up for the fee. Negative equity of 6k scares Chrysler where GM had no issue with it. Too many rebates are devaluating the Cherokee IMO,5750 vs Equinox was only 3250 in rebates with dealer providing massive discount to make LTV work. Just going to keep riding current vehicle as has warranty to 100k and has been reliable. Chrysler is saving me from myself
  6. Try Capital One auto navigator , it's a soft pull, as a starting point and look I to CUs from there. Depends heavily on LTV if you can refinance.
  7. Either way you end with more. Maybe one vehicle holds value better so you are not as buried.
  8. Did one last ditch effort before I give it a rest for a few months which I am going to do. Contacted dealer where I purchased the car, told me a vehicle such as a Grand Cherokee base model would work better as far int rate goes due to my negative equity and payment would be much less. Bigger issue is LTV on car looking to purchase rather than my credit.
  9. Does choice of vehicle have anything to do with it? Jeep Cherokee is popular vs Dodge Journey is not so are they more willing to entice more risky customer with a lower rate in one vs another to move metal. Actually my Journey has been reliable with a whopping 380 bucks in actual repairs in 4 years. So.much for consumer reports.
  10. I think they were Santander Bank 4 years ago as well. I remember when I bought the car 4 years ago with my scores and negative equity even though some people think MSRP means nothing, salesmen told me since I was out the door under MSRP by 2k really helped. LTV was in line. GM apparently thinks there cars are better since they approved me @7.9. 3 days ago. Personally I do as well. Finance manager at Jeep said rates at Chrysler Capital stink compared to 4 years ago.
  11. I will try. think neg equity is also bigger killer. Auto financing is not always just a simple matter of x score giving you y rate, dealers are bad,never use dealer financing blah blah. Over 17 years I have financed 5 different cars,my credit scores have ranged from a low of 494 to a high of mid 700s, guess how many times I have been able to beat the dealer rate with my own loan from bank/magical CUs. Only one
  12. I declined that as well. I'm not insane,just a sucker.
  13. With my scores 7.9 for 72mo is a gift from the credit gods. I said yes but my wife said no to the vehicle. I remember the days of 18% mortgages when I was 12 years old to keep things in perspective. Current loan is with Chrysler @ 8.10. Crazy thing is I got that rate 4 years ago when my score was a 517 and rolled in 3k. Wife likes Jeep Cherokee, went to buy today, Chrysler Capital did not reward my good payment history with them at all Offer was for 15%. My scores just stink less now between 602 and 613. Finance manager was surprised at how high the rate came back. I guess they did not like my neg equity of 6k despite 6250 in rebates,MSRP which means nothing was 29k, price was 20,800 before fees& taxes
  14. If I was a sucker I would of agreed to their original deal. OK Mr. Negotiator, how much do you think you could that car for? Oh that's right,not good enough for you, Jaggy.
  15. My neighbor says when they see him coming into the dealership they are thinking state Max int rate. He said one time he was going to purchase after sales negotiations were over they introduced him to the special finance guy without any knowledge of his credit situation.
  16. 3 hours to purchase is not bad. Last car I bought took 6 hours.
  17. For people who are lazy or are not savy I can see it. Some people want a total solutions car buying experience I guess.
  18. Exact same options as Edmunds. He started at 24,800. I started at 22k, he countered at 23k, I said 22k again, then he countered at 22,500 which I settled at.. Trade he began at 4k, I started at 8500, he kept coming up, I was firm, he brought in big boss who offered 7850 and I took it. CarMax was 7k
  19. I tried the Edmunds link. TMV was 27893. Minus 4750 in rebates equals 23143. Not sure how 22,500 is high. My trade was for 7850.
  20. What would be a good number then?MSRP is 30,340. Thanks
  21. Yes. My deal has rebates of 1500, 1250, conquest 2k
  22. Profit to the dealer. Other dealer offer of 7K has fee of 799.

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