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  1. I actually wound up refinancing after 2 payments. Went from 16.78 to 11.69 apr no term extension. Figured it would an easy refi despite my credit score at the time due to decent LTV.
  2. Just financed new vehicle through GM Financial. Checked contract from purchase and it said MAY have pre payment penalty . Just hit my Experian as new account. How long do I have to wait to refinance?
  3. Just curious how it gets determined which bureau a lender will pull when applying for credit. Ie: Last year GM Financial used my TU score but a couple of days ago they used Equifax which is my lowest. Or can the dealer select which bureau they send to each lender with the deal after they pull. I am in Florida.
  4. Try Ameriprise or GEICO. I have had both and currently use GEICO.
  5. Thanks again. I won't waste another dealers time on a 19. Makes more sense now. I just need to be more responsible with my credit, continue to pay down current car, and plan better on my part with a down payment.
  6. Makes sense now. The lender is Chrysler Capital. Now I know why GM approved me last October on an Equinox at 7.9% similar situation, Equinox had only 3250 in rebates but huge dealer discount. Wife changed her mind on Equinox at last minute. Would a leftover 19 with no rebates but huge dealer discount work better? Thank you for your help.
  7. Got denied from Chrysler Capital tonight trying to purchase. Car was 2020 Jeep Compass, MSRP 28.9k, loan amount was 29.1k OTD including roll in of 6700 in negative equity. 4 years ago Chrysler Capital approved me @ 8% with similar LTV, payment history is perfect with them and score was 517 back then. Score today was 548 Experian due to some recent CC baddie, just forgot to pay l. I thought Chrysler would finance anyone a Jeep Compass. On Feb 22 I accidentally did the pre approval hard pull on their website instead of prequal soft pull , approved me up to 38k and sent it to dealer I was at tonight with similar scores. While I was there they told me to get POI and a utility.bill As I went online to get that stuff, sales manager came over and told me I was not approvable. Said I needed cash down due to current uncertainty right now. I thought that's what 6k in rebates plus dealer discount of 2500 would take car of. Earlier today I called Chrysler myself and they told me there was no reason for dealer to re run my credit today since the pre approval pulled my credit within last 30 days as long as I went to dealer listed on pre approval. Of course they refused as I gave them the pre approval number and filled out the credit app Would it be easier to get approved on a leftover 19 at a different dealer with similar LTV since it has been sitting? I have no BKs, foreclosures and a perfect auto history. Just irresponsible.
  8. Try Capital One. They may be able to help you out.
  9. Is it possible to finance a car on New Year's Day since dealerships are open?
  10. You save 735 by paying lease off early and turning it in now. Does the leased vehicle need tires soon? Or did you purchase tires already for it? My dad leases and I did in my 800 FICO score days a decade ago and we each had to put tires on a leased vehicle once at around 30k. Another potential cost for a car you won't be keeping. If you turn the lease car in early, you can purchase a new Chrysler Pacifica for less than Odyssey,no need to get a beater. Or look for a 2 to 3 year old lease turn in Odyssey if you can save $. If you go Chrysler, just make sure you buy extended warranty, but do it directly from Mopar at 35k and not at purchase time. Beater route and too cheap of a vehicle may get you beat by her!!
  11. Of course I get a call today from one of the dealers and they get approvals from someone else besides Chrysler. Rate at 12.24, payment now down to 600 month. Said I will think about it as I have zero time the next two days to go back in. Maybe if I keep thinking rate will drop under 10?
  12. Thanks for your input and knowledge as always. Also the bank fee, a byproduct of me, seems to be hurting even more since the dealers take away any discount on vehicle once that comes across which throws LTV out of whack even more. Price then becomes MSRP minus rebates Feels like a roadloans deal, which is basically what Chrysler is, roadloans in a pinstripe suit! Just going to pay down vehicle more and not shop until until I have a pre approval with a rate I can live with in hand.
  13. Yes I am. The old adage from Seinfeld applies here, it's not you,it's me. It's not the dealer , it's me is the problem. Too much neg equity and low scores despite the rebates. Just interesting how low scores and high negative equity didn't scare GM Financial but Chrysler it did with a customer with a well paid loan with them
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